Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I finally finished the halloween album. I worked for days (5-9 hours each day) on it because it was just so fun and cute that I couldn't stop! I didn't end up doing a "shape" book but I still think it ended up cute. I used "happy Hauntings" & "mini monsters" cricut cartridges for this album.  I would say this is by far my favorite album I have done. I have only done about 3 of them so I'm sure I will have more favorites in the future. Please let me know what you think about it. I went to Michaels today and went nuts again with more stickers from K & Co and ribbon cause they have 30% off of the halloween things. I will save them for next year.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween Album


More pages done for my album. I may add more things who knows but I think its finally looking pretty good! Let me know what you think. These two pages will be side by side in the album.The owl, spiders, pumpkin are all "Bo Bunny"

I cut all these embellishments from "Happy Hauntings" I love that cartridge. I inked all the edges and some of the page itself of every page to make it look old.

This page I just added some ribbon on the bottom and attached ribbon with a halloween brad from "Bo Bunny". This is my granddaughter Emily.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another page of What will be my Halloween Shape Book

Here is another page of my Halloween Shape Book! I printed the gate, grass, and tag on gate with Happy Hauntings. Then added some Bo Bunny Dimentional stickers as well as glitter brad from Bo Bunny. I also inked the edges with a chestnut brown and the page to add depth and to make it look old. I took some "bronze" ink and went over the gate!


Started working on my halloween shape book today after cutting a few things out last night with my imagine (lots of redo's because of various problems) and started working on the front page and it looks cute but guess what!!!! I put it the wrong direction that it should have been! Now I have to recut this witches hat and boo again as well as the chipboard! I don't know what I was thinking!!!! At least you can see what it may look like! OK I also need to do a better job with this glitter stuff!! Hey I'm still learning so I'm not the pink stamper yet!! HEE HEE

Friday, September 24, 2010

Imagine update

Finally got the calibration right I believe on my imagine. I have wasted alot of paper and ink trying to get it calibrated, stopping paper because it was getting jammed since paper doesn't stick to mat well at all. Stay tuned I will post a few more pics of projects I printed and cut. Verdict is still out if its something I will keep.....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Vinyl Project

Here is a cute SVG file I purchased from http://dscrapbookingroom.blogspot.com/
I love this file. Although it is very detailed so you have to take the time to pull all these little things off. One big lesson I learned WAS NEVER CUT VINYL ON A NEW MAT!! The backing stuck and it was terrible trying to get this off my mat!

My New Imagine

Ok, here are some pics of my new imagine and so you can get an idea on size it is sitting on a 4ft plastic table from staples. I'm not sure if I am in love with it yet. Calibration was a nightmare and I still don't have it right. They don't tell you which line you should be going for as far as a cut right on the line, cut above the line or below. I only say that because looking at the print you are suppose to have it within the lines so I thought maybe I was suppose to pick a line that had a cut above it to stay within the lines! Ok this probably makes no sense to any of you but I know what I mean!! :)

The mats I'm not impressed with at all. The cardstock doesn't stick to it well at all so I have to makes sure I'm close by to hold the mat up because it hangs a bit in the front as its cutting and moving back and forth and it makes the paper pop off, then it gets caught in the rollers!

If you have little pieces of anything that comes off your paper its a nightmare to get it off the mat also.

Machine is a bit loud in my opinion. It makes all kinds of noises when its printing and cutting. Sounds a little clanky!
SO verdict is still out for me. And my big worry is when updates come....how are we suppose to update? I assume with a computer but some of us don't have a windows computer. I only have macs. So what do we do? Alot of questions I should have thought about it a while longer maybe before I jumped into the machine. Maybe waited until bugs were worked out etc. But I'm still happy to get one. Thanks Hubby!

Work in progress....Granddaughters album

Here is the start of my granddaughters photo album I'm working on for her birthday. I have some pages to fill yet and finish but just a glimpse of what I have done! Last page I have here was cut with my new imagine.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The making of a Halloween Shape Book

Ok here is my start....first I sketch out my idea in my little pad of thoughts! Then I play around with cutting various sizes of characters to get the right size. The most important thing here is to make sure you mark each character with the size you did (cause if your like me and you "think" you can remember...) I also mark which cartridge I used. I use cheap cardstock to cut my template before I get to the real good stuff! Now I position each character on the page (I cut 6 sheets of rectangles...6" high and varying by 1" starting at 5" and ending at 10") and just secure it with some tape. So that is how i see if I'm going to like what I did before I cut from good paper and now I have a template saved!

Finished product will be posted when I am done!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ooooh so pretty!

Here is a close up of the material I picked up when I was in indiana visiting my daughter. I wanted something pink of course and I absolutely love paisley so when we spotted this at a really cute little shop I had to buy it. The problem is I don't sew.....so that is where my mom comes in! She lives close to my daughter and I took it over to her house and the next day she brought them to me! I was flying back home that day so it was nice of her to rush it!. I didn't want anything to difficult so I was happy with them!

My personalized Expression

Here is some vinyl work I did on my expression when i was learning to cut the vinyl. I love it! I want to put vinyl on everything!

My New Embellishment Center

My dear hubby bought me this at Michaels today. It was half off!!! There are quite a few holes behind it since my hubby had trouble with getting the holes right! But hey you can't see them! Now I need to fill it up right!!! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beach Book

Here is one of my first wordbooks so be kind I know its alittle rough but it was my first!

New Projects

Well I am working on a halloween project for my beautiful granddaughters and can't wait to get it done so I can post on the blog. I am also working on an album to send to my step daughter that she will be able to put pictures of her and her husband in. Her birthday is coming up as well as my grandbaby Emily so I got lots of things to get done! I spend so much time in my new scraproom. Well its not new I just feel like its new since we painted it and I have been organizing it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cricut Imagine HSN

Wow I was watching at 12:15am and was surprised it was on. I was planning on recording (and did set it) to record almost 8 hours of HSN so I could see everything. I have the expression and love it and definitely didn't think I would want a imagine because of the price etc. BUT I'm sitting here and knowing that they are offering 3 cartridges and if I choice to get one later it will only have one and it won't have 5 easy payments so.....husband is not in the room he is playing playstation or watching football or something so he doesn't know I got it! He will have to pay for it though! He was just saying I didn't need a job I got him and he would rather me be home with him but he may change his mind! I won't be able to sleep now!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Vacation Book

Here is a few pics from a vacation book I started. One is the cover and the one with the handsome man (my hubby) in it is the inside of the back page. We were in Turks & Caicos at the "Margaritaville" it was a really cool bar and shop.

New Cartridges!!!

I'm so excited because I got the Oct. 31st and Happy Hauntings cartridge today!!!! I also got everyday paper dolls as well but I'm really excited about the Happy Hauntings! I never enjoyed decorating etc. for Holidays but for some reason I am all excited about this stuff for halloween. I think what got me was I went into a local scrapbook store and they had the cutest shapebook and it was a halloween one so then I just all the sudden got the bug! I will post my book once I get it done. Obviously I can't do a welded one as I had wanted because I don't own a windows computer only macs. So I use SCAL but of course you can't use the cartridges so its a situation! I do own CDS and plan to buy a cheap laptop just to use for that in my scrap haven! My wonderful husband doesn't ever mind getting me these things! He actually took me to Michaels because I wanted to get the Embellishment Center (it was 50% off) but they were out of them. Got a rain check and as soon as they get one in I will run over and get it. I will post of course once I hang it!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

First project in SCAL2

Here is my first wordbook in SCAL2 that I did. Now I'm working on another for my other granddaughter. I will post pics when I am done. I'm really addicted to wordbooks now! I love to do a halloween one next!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Office/Scrapbook room

This is a cabinet I got at crate and barrel I keep tv, printer on and cubbies inside with my cameras, scrap extras etc. I have an "L"shaped glass desk (gets quite dirty when dogs decide to get on it cause they lick it! The most important item here is my MAC!! 

This pick is alittle dark since it was aimed at the window. I wish you could see the curtains more. I will take a close up of them tomorrow. I rearranged the room so I can look out the window at the pool. Added another inexpensive table from staples that is where I sit and scrap and my expression is right there!

The expression has a home<3 I did some cute vinyl work on it so I will also post that one day. Mats are on the wall close to expression for easy access. I'm going to buy a Embellishment Center at Michaels to hand where Betty Boop picture is right now. The picture was painted by my daughter. She is talented! 

You can see my mats good in this one.

This is another one of my many go nuts projects with vinyl, I just got so excited~ This has to be made bigger though because it is too small to really read. It says "Lets just cut the Scrap!  

Behind the close doors is where all the goodies live. I just started so I have loads more to get but I really wanted a way to scrap but be very tidy (i have OCD!!) I don't like clutter!This is a bit cluttered because until I get my embellishment center I have new inks I just got and glitters sitting around on the top of this table. I have two large drawer containers that I keep my 12 x 12 paper in categories (scrap, solid, pattern etc) Small drawered container on top is for adhesives, embellishments and some stamps.
The containers underneath table (white one) is all stickers categorized. Pink one has cuttlebug stuff, punches, zutter accessories etc.

I purchased from IKEA this metal line that is for curtains (comes with these little clips!) and for now that is where my ribbon goes and I use it to clip up little things I need out of the way. The flowers are on a metal/magnet strip purchased at IKEA also! The little jars across the back of the table was from IKEA (4 for $2.99) what a bargain! I got off ebay 72 cat eyes inks part of them chalks for about $40! I just labeled them until they get their home. 

This cabinet was purchased at Walmart for $27 and eventually should be full of cartridges. I have bought all of these in about 2 months. I have about 3 more coming and several aren't on shelf because they are solution cartridges. I get all from ebay. I got my crop a dile new on ebay as well as my jukebox. I have a little HP photo printer on this shelf since I have room for it. And my cute blue special edition cuttlebug (I have seen this for $129 cause it came with extras and I got it for $59~~~!!!) I'm a good good shopper!!

I added two new embellishment Centers one on each side of my window. One is not really got alot of things on it yet but it will get there!!