Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My New Imagine

Ok, here are some pics of my new imagine and so you can get an idea on size it is sitting on a 4ft plastic table from staples. I'm not sure if I am in love with it yet. Calibration was a nightmare and I still don't have it right. They don't tell you which line you should be going for as far as a cut right on the line, cut above the line or below. I only say that because looking at the print you are suppose to have it within the lines so I thought maybe I was suppose to pick a line that had a cut above it to stay within the lines! Ok this probably makes no sense to any of you but I know what I mean!! :)

The mats I'm not impressed with at all. The cardstock doesn't stick to it well at all so I have to makes sure I'm close by to hold the mat up because it hangs a bit in the front as its cutting and moving back and forth and it makes the paper pop off, then it gets caught in the rollers!

If you have little pieces of anything that comes off your paper its a nightmare to get it off the mat also.

Machine is a bit loud in my opinion. It makes all kinds of noises when its printing and cutting. Sounds a little clanky!
SO verdict is still out for me. And my big worry is when updates come....how are we suppose to update? I assume with a computer but some of us don't have a windows computer. I only have macs. So what do we do? Alot of questions I should have thought about it a while longer maybe before I jumped into the machine. Maybe waited until bugs were worked out etc. But I'm still happy to get one. Thanks Hubby!


Terri said...

Im sure there is just a learning curve. In no time you will be up and running full force. Love the album for your g-daughter. Im workimg on one too for my g-daughter. Good luck
Ft Worth

Sheree said...

I've been working with my Imagine and too, not sure I love it. My printable vinyl is on back-order with HSN and that's the main reason I wanted it, though mine did come with one piece. I do have a 13x19 printer so I could make my own prints on the 12x12 vinyl and cut the shapes on my Expression. I didn't realize it wouldn't have paper saver or load/unload buttons. I'll have to see if I can find work-arounds.