Friday, December 31, 2010


Just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone. Can you believe that 2010 is already over? It feels to me like only a few months have went by and it is a year gone already. I guess once you pass the age of 30 it goes about 10 times as fast? Well I am thankful for every moment I get to stay on this earth so I will take it.

I"m so excited because I am going to be on the Cooking with Cricut Design team!!! WHOOT WHOOT WHOOT....can I get a WHOOT! Ok I'm sorry I'm just excited.

I'm sitting in my hotel room right now in Las Vegas and all I can think about is what I could be crafting if I was home. My hubby loves Las Vegas so I had to suffer and leave my craft room. It was quite the ordeal. Our day started out pretty early having to drop off my two babies (lhasa apso's Max and Coco) at the kennel. I was so sad to leave them. It took 1 hour to drive 14 miles because of traffic! Then an hour to check them in almost because everyone was leaving on a vacation I guess for New Years. We didn't have a direct flight so we left Orlando and stopped in Houston. Our connection was delayed 3.5hours! YUCK...did I tell you how much I hate to sit in airports!!! So we didn't end up arriving in Las Vegas until almost midnight (this is after being in the airport that day since 2pm!)  Time goes really slow in Las Vegas. They are 3 hours behind our time so now it is almost midnight at home and it is not even 9pm here! Its like Groundhog day! Time seems to never end. They will have a big fireworks display on the strip so I will try to post a video!!

Have a safe and Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm sorry but I have another Vinyl Project!!

I am leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow for a few days to bring in the New Year....I have to board my babies and they are staying at a new boarding kennel on the Disney Property. I toured it and it is SO stinkin cute! Its so new, clean and I feel they will be well taken care of. So to take their food container so I decided I need to decorate it so they would know whose food it was! So here is what I did for them! She is smaller than Max is why they are two different sized pups on here!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vinyl Instructions or Possibly a video coming!

I have had alot of great comments on my vinyl projects and several people asking for instructions on how to do it. I am going to either work on a step by step with pics or if I brave it and make my first tutorial video! I have been traveling and have another trip to go to in a few days so it might not happen till after New Years when I return but I promise I will get this done for you all! Thanks so much for all your great comments!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another layered Vinyl Project....What can I say I'm hooked!

Here is yet another layered vinyl project I did to decorate up my laptop. I love "Hoot n Holler" lite cartridge because I love owls so this is what I made! Hope you like it! Picture is not the best because I don't have the best camera but you get the jist of it!

New Challenge after the New Year with Great GIveaway from "Log my Memory"

I wondered upon a great product for scrappers called "log my memory" I think we all could use this. I"m going to be showing more about this product coming up after the holidays and we will have a contest where the winner will receive a gift from Log my Memory!!! Kristin has been very generous and excited to showcase her product and provide the prize. I will be buying one and trying it out. I will share with you along the way. I will spend the holidays coming up with a creative challenge for you so please check back!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Blog Candy Mailed!

Everyone that has blog candy coming from the blog hop and the bug head giveaway its on its way! Sorry for the delay!

I haven't heard from the one winner of the bug head so I will select another winner and notify them. I have tried to contact "zenderzoocrew" but no email, no email address on their blog and she has not contacted me so on to the next winner!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My baby girl!

This is coco in her new sweater! She loves this pup tent too! She is always in it when I am in my scrap room!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blog Candy Giveaway!!!!

I am going to give away a personalized family vinyl ONCE my blog reaches 200 followers! I will give you your choice of a family vinyl or a bug head or something along those lines! Here is a pic of the one I did for a blog hop! I know you all love vinyl as much as I do!! :)
PS only mailing to US! Sorry!

Here is what you need to do: (Remember to do these!)

1. You must be a follower
2. Post a comment under this posting about what you would like if chosen
3. Twitter or facebook about the giveaway (you can right click and save the image to post)
4. Post on your blog this Pic and a link back to my blog
5. Tell your friends!

That is all you have to do!

K Andrew Designs Blog Candy reaching 1100 followers!!!

Kristal with K Andrew Designs has another great giveaway to honor her 1100 followers!! CONGRATS KRISTAL that is so great! Everyone loves you and your blog!! PS she does absolutely fabulous blog makeovers! If  you are in need of a new blog or just an update to your existing blog please contact kristal at

She did my header and a badge for me and she also redesigned another here is the link to one she just finished! Check it out!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Here are all of MY winners of Blog Hop Candy & Bug Heads...

Congrats to the following:
Blog Candy Bags:
1-Karelj-Karelj said...
How cute are these? Love them! I'm a follower....
2-Angela R said...
Yay, I just beacame a follower and I'm excited becuase you are very talented and I'm excited to see what future inpiration I can gather from here! Thank you!
Contact Info: in case I get a chance to win that amazing blog candy! Happy Holiday's!

Bug Head Winners:
1-zenderzoocrew said...
I love the bug! He is awesome and would look great anywhere in my craft room! Thanks for the chance to win!
2-jennyplace2 said...
I was doing the blog hop and came across your blog, which I really like so I am a follower now. I also saw you were giving a couple of the bug heads out, I have looked every where for this cartridge and have had now lucj. Fingers crossed that I am one of the lucky ones!

Some of you have emails listed which I will email you but please send me an email with all your mailing information to

You all have one week to get me the info!! 

Winner of the Pet Challenge!!!

I was very disappointed that my first challenge only resulted in 3 entries but very happy for the 3 that submitted a project, so thank you girls!!!

Since there were only 3 I put the names on paper and shook a basket and drew a name out! I thought alittle over kill with using the generator!!

Here is the piece of paper I drew out!!! So Congrats Kristal! Please send me your information to get this mailed to you!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winners being announced tomorrow for the following:

Blog Hop grand prizes
My Blog hop candy (2 prizes to be given away)
Cricut Bug Head Vinyls (2 to be given away)
Pet Challenge (Cricut Sampler cartridge)

Please come back tomorrow to see those all posted!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

2nd Day Holly Jolly Blog Hop!

Welcome to our 2nd day "Holly Jolly" blog hop! Thanks for landing at Bugjuiced by Debbie from  Carri's Blog "Abusybee"

Please make sure to leave a comment from each blog you visited for a chance to win a prize package from Scrapadabadoo! There also will be a 2nd grand prize!! You must come back to each blog the 2nd day and leave comments to be eligible for the 2nd grand prize. Third grand prize is a Holiday stamp set courtesy of "Pink Cricut"

Today my project may not look Christmasy but it is a gift idea that everyone seems to love. I love to work with vinyl and my gift idea is the vinyl "stick family". I have sent several different vinyls to friends and family that I have done and they love it!

Sorry for the bad pics of the package! My camera is not cooperating!
I made a little pocket to put the finished project in to mail to family or friends. Paper is "My minds eye" and tag was cut from "Tags, bags, boxes and more"

The project was done from "Car Decals" cartridge. I have done several others just using SCAL2 which is fun because I get alittle more creative! The name was done in SCAL2. I used the "kiss" cut method. My blade is pretty sharp so my blade setting was "2", pressure was med. and speed was high.

The husband and wife were cut at 3", The larger dog was cut at 2" and the little dog was 1.5"
The hardest part is the eyes. They never make the eyes more than a dot so sometimes they don't come out that well so sometimes I have to cut alittle piece of vinyl to replace the eye that really is so small it doesn't cut.

After I cut the family. I did what they call "weeding" and removed all the excess vinyl around the design. The next step calls for transfer paper but I have found if you go to walmart you can get a BIG roll of "clear contact paper" in the shelf liner area. Cricut transfer paper cost about 10.00 for a couple sheets 12 x 12 I believe. This roll at Walmart cost about $5.97 and has tons on it. I removed the wrapper or I could tell you how many feet but trust me it will take you a long while to run out.

So you pull the backing off the contact paper and take the clear piece that is tacky on the other side and lay tacky side down on your project. Then you will rub all over it (burnish) making sure every little piece is rubbed well (especially those eyes and small pieces)

At this point if you are going to send it as a gift you will leave the clear piece on the backing paper that you rubbed it on. I like to take chipboard and sandwich the decal in it and take it up for mailing.

The picture I have also posting on here shows the project put on the window of my husbands jeep so I could take a picture!! All you do to apply is make sure your window is clean. Pull carefully the clear piece and your image should be attached to it. As your pulling make sure all the parts are stuck to the clear piece and as your pulling if you see an area that isn't lifting off, carefully lay the clear piece down and rub over that area with a flat tool such as a credit card or something like that. Then continue to pull the clear piece and all your decal should be on it. Carefully position on the surface you are applying it to and start rubbing! Once done you will pull the clear piece off again be very careful as sometimes it will need burnish alittle more if you see it is sticking to the clear and not the vehicle window or whatever you are doing it on.

Once you have decal applied to the surface you have chosen, rub your fingers over it all to make sure it is applied well. And that is all she wrote!! Next you will join my wonderful friend Kristal!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Welcome to our 2 day "Holly Jolly" blog hop! Thanks for landing at Bugjuiced by Debbie from  Carri's Blog "Abusybee"

Please make sure to leave a comment from each blog you visited for a chance to win a prize package from Scrapadabadoo! There also will be a 2nd grand prize!! You must come back to each blog the 2nd day and leave comments to be eligible for the 2nd grand prize. Third grand prize is a Holiday stamp set courtesy of "Pink Cricut"

My project is definitely a hybrid project. Its alittle scrapping a little pc work and really quick.

Todays blog hop project is "Gift Idea" so I was just thinking about stocking stuffers! I made two really cute candybar wrappers that were wrapped in paper from "My Minds Eye" Sweet Dreams Holiday Avenue paper pack. The wrappers are cut 5.5" x 5.5". Love this paper! I took pretty ribbon that I bought at Michaels (.79 cents a roll) at a haul the other day.  One has paisley's in gold, silver and a litght blue on one of the candybars which if you know me you know I love paisley! They had all the ribbon 60% off so I bought about 12-13 rolls of christmas colored ribbons and designs. The tags I cut on my cricut at 2" from the cartridge "Tags, Bags, Boxes and More".

I used some trim on the bottom of one of the bars from Jolee's. I had some foil envelopes from years ago that I made alot of custom candybar wrappers. You can just cut a piece of foil 5.5" x 5.5". This step can be eliminated but it makes the wrapped bar look much better.

For the bag topper I printed a little saying and added a graphic from I cut the bag topper at 4.5" and then folded it in half. I punched a hole in the corner to just tie some pretty ribbon on. Then added some miniature marshmellows!

Its a simple project but a cute one that will make fun stocking stuffers! I hope you enjoy it!

Don't forget to become a follower and leave a comment under this post for a chance to win some mystery blog candy!!

Your next stop will be my wonderful friend Kristal with K Andrew Designs  I know she will have a wonderful project and blog candy!

Blog Hop Candy From Bugjuiced by Deb....

Below is blog candy I am personally giving away. You must be a follower of this blog and leave a comment under this posting. One given away for each of the days of this hop (Dec. 10 & Dec. 11) The winners will be announce Monday. Starting tomorrow Dec. 10 & 11th please stop by to see the projects for the blog hop and be sure to visit each the following blogs! You must leave a comment for each blog and leave a comment for me and become a follower under THIS posting for a chance to win blog candy from me. Each bag has a set of "cat eyes" ink, 2 block stamps, 3 acrylic stamps, one "bling" embellishment and 1 roll of christmas ribbon!!!

Holly Jolly Blog Hop with Blog Candy! 7:30pm Tonight!!!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The start of my recipe book!

UPDATE: Once I get more pages done on this book I will share them. And also I will share my file I made for each keep checking back. Its a work in progress!

Here is the cover I just finished for my recipe book. I did my own thing in SCAL2 for the base of the book with welding of the letters for recipe. Then I also cut each letter to add dimension on top of the base. The apron and pot was cut from the cartridge "From my Kitchen" which I love!  I plan to do lots of pages so look for the remainder of the project at some point. I want to fill it with all my own recipes to have something to pass down to my daughter. I love to cook, problem is I just throw things together and never measure so I'm having to create recipes for my specialties! So that will take me a while!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My first "Layered" Vinyl project

Those of you who know me know I am a vinyl addict!!! I'm in love with anything I can make with vinyl. Trust me my walls have been the victim of my addiction!!

When I seen the car decals cartridge I knew I had to have it. I have been making some vinyl decals of my own with various files and now I have this cartridge I wanted to try layering.

Here is the cricut bug head layered and it looks so cute!! I have two to give away to followers!!!

All you have to do is be a follower leave me a comment under this post and I will select someone at the end of the first day of our blog hop. Dec. 10th don't forget first day of the hop!!! The 2nd one will be given away at the end of the 2nd day of the hop (Dec. 11)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blog hop!

Wow my first blog hop!!! I will be participating in a blog hop on Dec. 10 & 11th. Please make sure to come back to see my project. The list below is all the participants in this blog hop. Please make sure to check out all their blogs. There will be blog candy along the way!!

1. Stephanie:
2. Glora:
3. Carri:
4. Deb:
5. Kristal:
6. Marianne:
7. Erika:
8. Margie:
9. Sandy
10. Jess