Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mini just arrived!!

At the door when I opened it sat my little mini in the cold! I didn't even get a knock or anything to tell me it was here. They just drop it off. So I just unpacked it and haven't hooked it up yet so maybe tomorrow I will do a video!! It is super lightweight, super cute!!! I wonder when enough is enough on the amount of machines. I now have 4. But my E2 I won on everydaycricut.com (Thanks Joy and Melanie and Provo Craft!) and then I won this little bugger on Creative Time with me (thanks Emma and Custom Crops!!!) I can't help but be excited to try it out. Here is the pics of my room with the machines. I will take a video on my new craft room since I did move in August. My room is so much bigger, large window so lots of light. Hugs to you all!

 My original Expression , not used as much but still use SCAL with it (sorry Provo Craft but I have lots of carts but once in a while still need to use SCAL.

How cute they look together!

This little bug is so lightweight! I can take this on vacations no problem!

My E2 Anniversary Edition

The heaviest but it is my favorite!!>

Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Guys!

Yes Bob we know you have an iphone and you think your cool!!! He is sporting his new jersey! 

My little guy Max wondering why my hubby is a fruitcake! :)

Friday, December 16, 2011


All I can say is WOW....I really wanted a mini but just couldn't justify spending the money on one since I have a few machines but still I wanted this little bug! Then I see I won the grand prize on "Creative Time" blog for the 12 days of Christmas! WOOOOOOTTTTTT WHOOOOOOTTTT I cannot tell you how happy I am!! Now I don't really know where I am going to put it but I will squeeze this little bugger in. I find I don't really use my E2 alot but course its like giving up a finger or something to get rid of machines and i would never get rid of it but I think I will move it down to another area and use the little one to play with it. This one will be nice for traveling. Hubby has wanted to go on a road trip and this way I can stay connected with my crafting as I am traveling so I'm super exciting about this. Now I can leave without feeling like I won't do any crafting when I'm gone.

My imagine messed up so I'm waiting on a cord for it to see if that fixes the problem (honestly I believe it won't but Provo Craft has to try this first) but thankfully its still under warranty so I can get a replacement machine. I was so sad because I haven't had a lick of problems with it since I got it in March. All of a sudden it would print and not cut. This was one machine I didn't think I would use much but its became my favorite machine honestly! Maybe they should consider a mini imagine too! That would be cool! Well Thank you to Emma for the wonderful hope and to my super super super good friend (who knows who she is)  who always encourages me and helps me with my creative and personal issues! You mean the world to me!! I'm so thankful for everything! This is a good christmas present since I wasn't getting one!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Busy Busy Bee

I made a couple new things for a "SPECIAL" DT call and wanted to share them with you all. The first one is a cute photo box that I purchased the cut file from Lori Whitlock's blog. I used Cosmo Cricket papers for this. I cut the girl at 3" from the Imagine Best Friend cart since it was a cosmo cart I knew it would match well with the papers. I flood filled one layer for the face so I could use Peachy Keen's create a critter stamp set. I played around with the RGB codes and have to say I think I matched it pretty good. I used a couple glass pebbles from Handmade Halo. I thought they were so cute. The one just looks so vintage! Popped a button on it. I also used Tim Holtz film strip on it. I love this stuff. Its a little stiff and once you take it out of the tin WATCH OUT! It all uncurls and you will be curling it back up for a while and trying to get it back in the tin. I cut "photos" with sure cuts a lot and used perfect pearls on the sides on the paper.

Now the second project I decided to make a cute sign for my craft room door. I used Tags, Bags, Boxes and more. I cannot remember the size I cut it...sorry! I saved it if you want to know you can email me. I cut the chick from Create a Critter at 2 3/4". I used the cute little chick face from Create a Critter Stamp set. I colored the beak with my copic marker. I used the black to make the eyes a little darker and then used the white jelly pen to do the white area. I used Pebbles Chalk to add pink accents on the "cheeks" both face and behind!! I love the way it turned out, I think it is just funny.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Check Timeless twine's blog to see all the beautiful colors of twine you can purchase and very reasonable! Love all the colors!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Here is a great place to see special deals on craft supplies and find things you would buy anyway! Check it out!  http://blitsy.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/5889

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great gift ideas

Looking for a different gift for someone that is hard to buy for? Bzzagent has a great "bzz" from meijers. Great gift for a grandparent or relatives is a canvas print! You can also get custom mousepads, mugs etc, so why not give a gift that they can cherish with a special picture and personalized. Visit the link below to order yours and you can order in the store or online! Sign up for your bzzagent account to start contributing by buzzing about the products. Great opportunities at www.bzzagent.com

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This is not even funny....husband decided to move us back to Indiana because all my family is here in indiana. I know he had good intentions but today I had to experience snow again for the first time in over 3 years and lets just say I am not at all happy. I don't like cold weather and even though I complained about how hot it was in Florida I would take sweating over freezing. I slid all over the road coming home and I just don't think I can get used to this white...nasty...wet....crap! :) Moving is getting quite expensive though!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Getting all Domestic up in here!

Somehow in the midst of feeling sorry for myself because I have the flu, a head cold or just a cold...how the heck do you know which one? They say "feed a cold...starve a fever" well I feed them both!

Today i decided to go buy a pork tenderloin to make bbq pork sandwiches. Now if I take this story back a bit I will tell you that one day Krogers had buy 10 for $10  sweet baby ray bbq sauce. So lets just say I have ALOT of bbq sauce and needed to use some up. What better way to celebrate a nasty....cold...gloomy day than BBQ pork sandwiches and football (ok I don't pay attention to the football but it is on because hubby does control the "clicker" yeah I know its not called a clicker anymore)

I had purchased a really great book at Joann's the other day for making candy. So I decided also to pick two recipes to make today. This book I love because unlike all the gazillions of cookbooks I have this one pretty much has every recipes that I would definitely make and they are relatively simple and not too many ingredients.

I decided on Chocolate Peanut Butter fudge with pecans and Orange jelly candies (you know the jelly candies with the sugar all over them....they had me at sugar!)

I went to Krogers and after 3 trips I finally got all the stuff I needed. I forgot the jelly recipe called for apple juice so that was my hubby's second trip to kroger's. Yes I have a husband that is very helpful, especially if you tell him you are making something sweet for him to eat! Then I  bought fruit pectin for the jelly candy but didn't pay attention to how much I need and I needed a second package therefore the third trip was necessary! I didn't say I was real organized with cooking!

I have yet to make fudge that actually looks and taste like fudge to this day so when I made this I was skeptical I would accomplish it. I panic a little every time when trying to achieve the correct "soft ball stage" but I tried to settle down and just breathe because after all it is fudge making its not creating a rocket ship that will not fall apart on lift off.

My fudge turned out unbelievably good!! The orange jelly candies look and taste super also. So now guess what family is getting for some presents! CANDY!! I plan to make loads of different recipes from this book. Here is the cover so that you can pick this book up because it really is a great candy book!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Second Throw back thursday project


I decided to do another project. Now my daughter loaned me her fancy smancy camera and I am learning to use it so sadly it wasn't used for this photo! Course its late here and the lighting is beyond perfect but I still am very impatient and wanted to post it!

I am in love with this shape I used for my inside paper as well as the sentiment that is on the cricut imagine. Berries and cream is the cart for the papers. I used doodlecharm for the baby. The sentiment is from Mr. Cricut. Ink is Tim Holtz vintage photo. Hope you like it!

I used these perfect pearl pens and I LOVE THEM!! But can't find them in any stores. I need to do an online order cause I am wanting all the colors! I have cream and white but when I put the white on the pink paper it takes on a pink look. Much easier than fishing those itty bitty pearls off and not flipping them everywhere!

My Creative Time Throwback Thursday


I decided to enter My Creative Time with Emma's throwback thursday. I love her stamps and don't own many of them. So I want the chance to have more goodiness she makes! For this project I used my imagine. The cartridges I used was "Berries and Cream" (oh how I love this one) for the pattern paper and Disney's Mickey and Friends for the Minnie Mouse. This was suppose to be a "Kid Friendly" project. With that in mind I wanted to do it for my beautiful only child Lindsay. She is 25 and she definitely "is my world" so Emma's Favorite Sayings stamp really was perfect. I tried to dress it up a bit since she is my "kid" but she is a beautiful grown woman so i wanted to give this a somewhat elegant vintage feel. I used Tim Holtz distress ink in "Vintage Photo" Thank you my friend Leanne for suggesting this ink and the little finger dobbers....Where have they been all my life! I used some little pink pearls on the card, sheer ribbon and voila! I hope you like it!

I used all the suggested RGB codes for Minnie that I had printed off from a site.

Minnie was cut at 3" (boy these pieces that you layer are super duper small!) gotta get out the granny glasses and tweezers for those!

Sentiment area cut from imagine shapes at 1.5" and 1.3" for inner piece. All patterns from berries and cream to fill those.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Retro Cute!!

Check out this cute site with some really cute Retro style art, scrapbook stickers and more! Jenny Holiday has some really awesome things and I wanted to just share her talent!! Take the time to visit her blog and then her store!! Everyday is a Holiday

Ambitious but not quite a roll!

Today I decided to get up and be real ambitious and make my hubby a nice meal in the crock pot since he is flying home today from several days in Georgia. I also decided why not make him a pumpkin roll! I see them at my favorite special grocery "fresh market" and they aren't cheap. I thought to myself "I can make that!" I had made a cake roll YEARS ago! Well I started out making this pumpkin roll, got the pumpkin cake part done and ready to put in the oven when I started smelling smoke coming from inside the oven!

WHOOOPS! I had forgotten that I had decided to make myself a little flat bread pizza the other day and of course I wanted it to get crispy so straight on the rack it went. Well needless to say the sauce etc. started oooozzzing off the pizza and after trying to fish that pizza off the rack it ended up going through the rack and landing on the bottom of the oven! And long story short (oh too late for the short story) I forgotten to clean it once it was cool which was my intentions. But I have a short memory!

So I end up cleaning it and then for some reason like its a magic stove that automatically turns on after cleaning up the crap you spilled in it I had put the cake in and forgotten to turn it on! So after timer went off 25 min later I go to the oven to see a cake that needed cooked!

OK then I get the cake done finally and then you are to put powdered sugar all over a towel to turn the cake over into it to roll it up! Well did you know that I never met a box of powdered sugar I didn't spill all over the place! I had powdered sugar on every surface of my counter and even where I wasn't working! That clean up took forever!

After the darn cake cooled I slapped that cream cheese icing I made onto the cake and ATTEMPTED to roll it up and lets just say I won't mind paying for one of those cake rolls next time I am at the fru fru grocery store! This is a lot of work! And my roll doesn't quite look like a roll. I showed the cake roll my belly and said "Now this is how you roll" but it remained sad....Hope it taste better than it looks!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blog redo Giveaway!!! Make me laugh

Well sadly no projects were entered into this giveaway so no winners! I will maybe try this again later on!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Handmade Halo Sketch MOJOVATOR

We are having a sketch Mojovator at Handmade Halo!! You can win some wonderful goodies from Handmade Halo. Here is the sketch you have to follow and visit the Handmade Halo Blog for the requirements.

I tell you I wasn't good at getting a project done for this sketch mojovator and whipped this up in about 20 min! I hate to say that but I am being honest! I love this paper. Its from Handmade Halo store and its "Pretty Little Studio" apple cider collection. The pebbles are also from Handmade Halo. I am in love with all her pebbles! 

So get your MOJO going and join us in the sketch!!

Friday, October 28, 2011


The winner of the My Memories Software is Deborah she said:

Deborah said...

I'm your newest follower, sent here by Jenny (Jennys Scrabooking Haven). I would love to win this program and I love anything to scrapbook little boys because I have two little grandsons. I'm already a follower of My Memories. Big Sis Debby

The winner of the Handmade Halo Embellishments is:

Liz said...

that was easy as I was already doing two of three requirements!!

and I am giving a second set of Embellishment goodies to:

jennyplace2 said...

OMG! Girl...you are in a real giving mood, so many wonderful handmade items, just so beautiful. You know I am a follower, on my way to check out the store.

Congrats girls!!! Please email me with your addresses!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Creative Time DT Call

I have to say there isn't anything in the world of scrapbooking that I have anticipated and wished for more than this DT call. As Emma said there is alot of stamp lines out there and all of them have a DT but I haven't wanted to be in any of them but when this one came along I was jumping out of my seat. I know this is a long shot but if you don't try you never know! I called a close friend and collaborated with her on what I should do because I know how great her current design team is. I only have a few stamp sets so I was limited to what I could do but I love this project!

I knew the project just had to be the best thing I could do. I went and used Cricut Craft room to get my sizing right for my project (yes I own a gypsy but no I can't use it well!) So the craft room was excellent for seeing what sizes would fit in the card size I was using. I used every single machine I own for this project...my imagine for printing out the paper and cutting some of the items. I used my original expression to cut most of the objects and then used my E2 so I could utilize my tags bags and more cart that is loaded on my gypsy. The gypsy is really a decoration in my room for now. But at least I did use it for this!

As always my picture could be better. My daughter has loaned me her great (and quite expensive cause I bought it I know) Nikon D5000 camera to use for a while but she failed to put the charging cord in with the camera! So I was forced to use my digital camera which is fairly new but I really dislike it and the quality. One day I may get the cord for the other. If your grown children are anything like mine they forget to do what you asked them even when they are older and should be able to "remember", I believe my daughter has "selective" memory!

I chose to use my absolute favorite cartridge (which I haven't even used yet so this is the first project with it) Camping critters!!!

My base card size is 4 1/2 x 5 (Kraft paper)
Inside paper (cloud) is 1/4" smaller on each side (Cloud paper made from Imagine Best Friends Cart)
I Cut the Deer at 2.5" From Camping Critter
Little Pond of Water cut at .8 on my imagine (This is from Create a Critter)
For the Green Grass and I also used this color for the fish I used my imagine and for the darker one I used RGB code 107-142-35 and for the lighter green I used 154-205-50
I used Emma's stamp set "Favorite Sayings" for the sentiment.
Added googly eyes (didn't have smaller ones!)
I inked the cream color portion of the deer with a creamy brown, darker brown for the rest.

Here are two other projects I made in the past with Emma's stamps!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Mini

I made this quick little mini with papers from Handmade Halo and the line was "Pretty Little Studio". The front gate was cut on cricut and I cut it from Happy Hauntings. The tombstones were also cut from happy hauntings. The rest was alot of cute dimensional stickers from K& Company. I just made all the sentiments on my puter! Hope you like it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

EK Success win!!!!

Thank you EK success and Jolee stickers!!! WOOOO HOOO I won the Ghoulish giveaway!! I scored a ton of awesome halloween stickers! And Allison was super sweet and got them out so quick and added a few extra goodies...I Heart them!!

Dont forget to like them on Facebook and also watch their blog for awesome giveaways!!

Word Collage Halloween Layout

I wanted word collage so bad and finally I got it. SO I decided to make this "quick" (not so quick) layout! I cut this on my E2 Why Provo craft doesn't make a way for us to print our own books so that they can be where you can ACTUALLY SEE IT!!! This word collage book is useless! You can't read any of it and when it comes up on the screen....well that is just a waste!! I just had to hit ones and wait and wait (cause it took forever to load on the mat) to see if I had the right one. Well I'm still happy to have the cartridge. I wish they would have waited to sell them until they got the wifi adapter out because if you got the anniversary one like i did you just have to buy the adapter now. But I won mine so don't get me wrong I appreciate it greatly. Here is my project! The paper I used for the photo mats is Pretty Little Studio.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog Redo Giveaway!!! Make me laugh

Well some of you know I dabble (still learning but not doing to bad!) in blog design. I am wanting to giveaway a blog redo for someone. I will do the following:

Create a custom header for you
6 sidebar tags
blinkie or badge
and I will include $10 towards graphics. Anything special you want will be additional like a character girl. I have access to alot of graphics to use so unless you are wanting a "character girl" you should be covered!
Here is a list of blogs I did (of course I did my own!)
handmade Halo (this one I am still working on adding a navigation bar yet)
Liz's (one of my favorites because it was just so fun to do, she liked humor as much as me!)
If you have any questions just email me at dsc105@live.com

Now for the rules!!
1. You must be a follower (Please tell me if you are new or existing)
2. Share the giveaway on your blog with my badge
3. Make a NEW project (card, L), tag etc, that is humorous....funny saying....etc. and link it up!  Thats it!!! Good luck! This will run until Oct. 31 and winner will be announce on Nov. 1. Good luck!! I can't wait to see your projects. This time it will not be a random org thing. I will have a friend of mine help me pick our favorite project!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blog Redo Giveaway, Announced tomorrow

Yes I am on a roll right now with the giveaways. I want to get to 500 people but I am at a stand still right now! I also have big plans for my blog. I want to start doing more videos because I know myself I love to go and watch tutorials and just videos of fellow scrappers sharing. I am going to do a blog Redo giveaway and will be announcing the requirements of winning so please stay tuned for the post. Giving you a heads up that I want to make this fun so trying to decide if I want to just hear your funniest story or have you link up a project you make that is humorous. I love to laugh, its so important to do so since life is so serious most of the time. I mean how often do you laugh in a day. I bet if you stop to think about it, it really isn't many times or maybe sadly not at all. Life is tough for alot of people now and we have to add some humor in your day because it helps to keep you happy! I will post it all tomorrow!!!

Handmade Halo Embellishment Giveaway!!!


I have a great giveaway sponsored by Handmade Halo. Please make sure to visit the store!!

Corinne lives in Australia and we have become friends as well as I am on her DT but mainly I run the blog. She makes wonderful handmade flowers, unique items such as a dragonfly made with a zipper! I love her glass embellishments. So todays giveaway is just some of the many items she sells at her shop. She has laser die cut cardstock in many cool shapes too. Above is a pic of the items I will be giving away!!

Its about 25 items!!! Brass charms, glass pebbles, resin flowers, and a few die cut cardstock items. Just to showcase some of her great things!!

Now, to win you must do the following:

1. Be a follower of my blog (tell me if you are new or existing)
2. Go over to Handmade Halo's Facebook page and "like" us Handmade Halo Facebook page
3. Go to Handmade Halo's blog and follow us!! handmadehalo.blogspot.com
Thats It!!! I will keep this open until Oct. 29 giving you all two weeks
Now don't forget to come back and let me know that you did all of the above. I will be checking!!

Good luck!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another giveaway being posted tomorrow so.....

Well I have decided to do another giveaway and will be posting the information tomorrow. Lets see how many people will be paying attention!!!! So far here are the giveaways going on:

1. Heirloom Cartridge giveaway and GOODIES after I reach 500 followers to the peeps that commented and did what they were suppose to!! Click here to go enter Cartridge giveaway once I hit 500!!!

2. My Memories Giveaway going on now don't forget to check it out and follow the simple steps!!! click here to enter this contest! My memories Software giveaway

Now for a "Sneak" into the other giveaways that will be coming up!! 
I will be doing a giveaway sponsored by my friend Corinne with Handmade Halo products!! So please don't miss out on that one coming up!!

Also I thought to get me some more exposure for blog design i would be giving away a blog redo!!!! So I will be posting that also with some steps to win that prize...Please stay tuned!

My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Giveaway!!


I was contacted by a wonderful company that provides another alternative to traditional scrapbooking called "My Memories". Digital scrapbooking is wonderful because you have everything at your desktop to create beautiful layouts and albums and they can be sent to print right from your computer! What a great way to show someone you love them with a special gift of a personalized album. I downloaded a copy and made a quick little halloween page. I love halloween and they had some really cute kits I plan to purchase. It is very easy to use and navigate through the program. I love that you can make "word art" add a picture so easily and add embellishments.

Here is what I made and you can get this template free if you like them on facebook! Also sign up for the newsletter to receive free kits, templates etc!!

My Memories is offering my followers a chance to win this software! Also they are providing anyone who wants to purchase it a discount of $10 off as well as another $10 for downloads. They have some awesome halloween themed kits right now to take advantage of! Please visit them at My Memories to take advantage of this offer to save $10 plus get $10 to shop for kits!! The special code for the discount is STMMMS74603

Now one lucky follower will get a chance to win a My Memories software download!! All you have to do is the following!!!

1. Be a follower....tell me if you are new or already a follower!
2. Visit www.MyMemories.com and come back and leave me a comment on which kit is your favorite.
3. Visit My Memories blog and become a follower. http://www.mymemoriesblog.com/
Its that simple!! The contest will go on until Oct. 27 and winner will be announce via random org on Oct. 28...right before halloween so you can make something wonderful!!