Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm In the Air!!!

I am actually on the Virgin America flight with Kristal flying to california as I write this! Its so great that you can even get internet in the air!!! I'm such an internet junkie so you know I had to purchase a session so that I could check my blog and leave a post too! We went to a great scrapbook store in Orlando called Piktails. I got some goodies as well as Kristal. Trying to figure out what I will use for blog candy for our upcoming blog hop! Well they are saying we are taking our initial decent and I need to log off so check back with us later!!


Ladybug said...

Ohhhhh, so you two are flying to CA for CHA. I thought there was one in FL, too. :-)

You guys have been having a lot of fun together, which has been great watching. :-)

Nedine, Craft Lounge Creations said...

Have a great trip!