Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pirate cards

I whipped up quickly two little pirate cards tonight. One I'm sending to my daughter. The one that says pirates don't wear fanny packs! Its kinda an inside joke with my daughter. I have a pic I purposely wore a fanny pack in because it bugged my daughter so I plan to put that pic in this card and mail to her. I think she will get a kick out of it. We both love the pirates of the carribean movies and I guess thats why I went crazy over this imagine cart. The images are just so darn cute. The second card well it was just another one I was playing around with. Now I'm not a professional photography and yes the lighting is bad in my room and so these pics could be better but hey its late here, my back hurts and I just wanted to take the pics!! :)

My friend Jenny sent me the cutest pirate stickers and some dangles that I am planning on working on a layout in the next few days to use them on. She sent me a cartridge and lots of doggie stickers and the cutest borders. She is so sweet!!!



jennyplace2 said...

OMG! These are just to freakin cute! I never wanted the imagine machine until I seen your beautiful creations. I am totally in love with both cards! Awesome job my friend!

christys_scrappin said...

These are just tooooooo adorable! Great job! You did an awesome job....AS ALWAYS!

Tracy said...

Wow I am blown away by these cards.
Sooo fun :)

thekolbes said...

AMAZING cards. Your awesome