Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blog Redo Giveaway, Announced tomorrow

Yes I am on a roll right now with the giveaways. I want to get to 500 people but I am at a stand still right now! I also have big plans for my blog. I want to start doing more videos because I know myself I love to go and watch tutorials and just videos of fellow scrappers sharing. I am going to do a blog Redo giveaway and will be announcing the requirements of winning so please stay tuned for the post. Giving you a heads up that I want to make this fun so trying to decide if I want to just hear your funniest story or have you link up a project you make that is humorous. I love to laugh, its so important to do so since life is so serious most of the time. I mean how often do you laugh in a day. I bet if you stop to think about it, it really isn't many times or maybe sadly not at all. Life is tough for alot of people now and we have to add some humor in your day because it helps to keep you happy! I will post it all tomorrow!!!


jennyplace2 said...

This is one post that I will not be commenting on since I already have the cutest blog out there! Thanks to none other then my Bestie!!! BugJuiced! I will never be able to thank you enough!

Liz said...

can't wait to see who wins this and what you do with their blog!! But I have to disagree with Jenny, I have the cutest blog out there! LOL

Jessica Buffa said...

I agree, Laughter is the Best Medicine! Look forward to your post! And Good Luck reaching 500 hun. I will happily help post to gain you some follower!