Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great gift ideas

Looking for a different gift for someone that is hard to buy for? Bzzagent has a great "bzz" from meijers. Great gift for a grandparent or relatives is a canvas print! You can also get custom mousepads, mugs etc, so why not give a gift that they can cherish with a special picture and personalized. Visit the link below to order yours and you can order in the store or online! Sign up for your bzzagent account to start contributing by buzzing about the products. Great opportunities at

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This is not even funny....husband decided to move us back to Indiana because all my family is here in indiana. I know he had good intentions but today I had to experience snow again for the first time in over 3 years and lets just say I am not at all happy. I don't like cold weather and even though I complained about how hot it was in Florida I would take sweating over freezing. I slid all over the road coming home and I just don't think I can get used to this white...nasty...wet....crap! :) Moving is getting quite expensive though!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Getting all Domestic up in here!

Somehow in the midst of feeling sorry for myself because I have the flu, a head cold or just a the heck do you know which one? They say "feed a cold...starve a fever" well I feed them both!

Today i decided to go buy a pork tenderloin to make bbq pork sandwiches. Now if I take this story back a bit I will tell you that one day Krogers had buy 10 for $10  sweet baby ray bbq sauce. So lets just say I have ALOT of bbq sauce and needed to use some up. What better way to celebrate a nasty....cold...gloomy day than BBQ pork sandwiches and football (ok I don't pay attention to the football but it is on because hubby does control the "clicker" yeah I know its not called a clicker anymore)

I had purchased a really great book at Joann's the other day for making candy. So I decided also to pick two recipes to make today. This book I love because unlike all the gazillions of cookbooks I have this one pretty much has every recipes that I would definitely make and they are relatively simple and not too many ingredients.

I decided on Chocolate Peanut Butter fudge with pecans and Orange jelly candies (you know the jelly candies with the sugar all over them....they had me at sugar!)

I went to Krogers and after 3 trips I finally got all the stuff I needed. I forgot the jelly recipe called for apple juice so that was my hubby's second trip to kroger's. Yes I have a husband that is very helpful, especially if you tell him you are making something sweet for him to eat! Then I  bought fruit pectin for the jelly candy but didn't pay attention to how much I need and I needed a second package therefore the third trip was necessary! I didn't say I was real organized with cooking!

I have yet to make fudge that actually looks and taste like fudge to this day so when I made this I was skeptical I would accomplish it. I panic a little every time when trying to achieve the correct "soft ball stage" but I tried to settle down and just breathe because after all it is fudge making its not creating a rocket ship that will not fall apart on lift off.

My fudge turned out unbelievably good!! The orange jelly candies look and taste super also. So now guess what family is getting for some presents! CANDY!! I plan to make loads of different recipes from this book. Here is the cover so that you can pick this book up because it really is a great candy book!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Second Throw back thursday project


I decided to do another project. Now my daughter loaned me her fancy smancy camera and I am learning to use it so sadly it wasn't used for this photo! Course its late here and the lighting is beyond perfect but I still am very impatient and wanted to post it!

I am in love with this shape I used for my inside paper as well as the sentiment that is on the cricut imagine. Berries and cream is the cart for the papers. I used doodlecharm for the baby. The sentiment is from Mr. Cricut. Ink is Tim Holtz vintage photo. Hope you like it!

I used these perfect pearl pens and I LOVE THEM!! But can't find them in any stores. I need to do an online order cause I am wanting all the colors! I have cream and white but when I put the white on the pink paper it takes on a pink look. Much easier than fishing those itty bitty pearls off and not flipping them everywhere!

My Creative Time Throwback Thursday


I decided to enter My Creative Time with Emma's throwback thursday. I love her stamps and don't own many of them. So I want the chance to have more goodiness she makes! For this project I used my imagine. The cartridges I used was "Berries and Cream" (oh how I love this one) for the pattern paper and Disney's Mickey and Friends for the Minnie Mouse. This was suppose to be a "Kid Friendly" project. With that in mind I wanted to do it for my beautiful only child Lindsay. She is 25 and she definitely "is my world" so Emma's Favorite Sayings stamp really was perfect. I tried to dress it up a bit since she is my "kid" but she is a beautiful grown woman so i wanted to give this a somewhat elegant vintage feel. I used Tim Holtz distress ink in "Vintage Photo" Thank you my friend Leanne for suggesting this ink and the little finger dobbers....Where have they been all my life! I used some little pink pearls on the card, sheer ribbon and voila! I hope you like it!

I used all the suggested RGB codes for Minnie that I had printed off from a site.

Minnie was cut at 3" (boy these pieces that you layer are super duper small!) gotta get out the granny glasses and tweezers for those!

Sentiment area cut from imagine shapes at 1.5" and 1.3" for inner piece. All patterns from berries and cream to fill those.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Retro Cute!!

Check out this cute site with some really cute Retro style art, scrapbook stickers and more! Jenny Holiday has some really awesome things and I wanted to just share her talent!! Take the time to visit her blog and then her store!! Everyday is a Holiday

Ambitious but not quite a roll!

Today I decided to get up and be real ambitious and make my hubby a nice meal in the crock pot since he is flying home today from several days in Georgia. I also decided why not make him a pumpkin roll! I see them at my favorite special grocery "fresh market" and they aren't cheap. I thought to myself "I can make that!" I had made a cake roll YEARS ago! Well I started out making this pumpkin roll, got the pumpkin cake part done and ready to put in the oven when I started smelling smoke coming from inside the oven!

WHOOOPS! I had forgotten that I had decided to make myself a little flat bread pizza the other day and of course I wanted it to get crispy so straight on the rack it went. Well needless to say the sauce etc. started oooozzzing off the pizza and after trying to fish that pizza off the rack it ended up going through the rack and landing on the bottom of the oven! And long story short (oh too late for the short story) I forgotten to clean it once it was cool which was my intentions. But I have a short memory!

So I end up cleaning it and then for some reason like its a magic stove that automatically turns on after cleaning up the crap you spilled in it I had put the cake in and forgotten to turn it on! So after timer went off 25 min later I go to the oven to see a cake that needed cooked!

OK then I get the cake done finally and then you are to put powdered sugar all over a towel to turn the cake over into it to roll it up! Well did you know that I never met a box of powdered sugar I didn't spill all over the place! I had powdered sugar on every surface of my counter and even where I wasn't working! That clean up took forever!

After the darn cake cooled I slapped that cream cheese icing I made onto the cake and ATTEMPTED to roll it up and lets just say I won't mind paying for one of those cake rolls next time I am at the fru fru grocery store! This is a lot of work! And my roll doesn't quite look like a roll. I showed the cake roll my belly and said "Now this is how you roll" but it remained sad....Hope it taste better than it looks!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blog redo Giveaway!!! Make me laugh

Well sadly no projects were entered into this giveaway so no winners! I will maybe try this again later on!