Friday, November 4, 2011

Ambitious but not quite a roll!

Today I decided to get up and be real ambitious and make my hubby a nice meal in the crock pot since he is flying home today from several days in Georgia. I also decided why not make him a pumpkin roll! I see them at my favorite special grocery "fresh market" and they aren't cheap. I thought to myself "I can make that!" I had made a cake roll YEARS ago! Well I started out making this pumpkin roll, got the pumpkin cake part done and ready to put in the oven when I started smelling smoke coming from inside the oven!

WHOOOPS! I had forgotten that I had decided to make myself a little flat bread pizza the other day and of course I wanted it to get crispy so straight on the rack it went. Well needless to say the sauce etc. started oooozzzing off the pizza and after trying to fish that pizza off the rack it ended up going through the rack and landing on the bottom of the oven! And long story short (oh too late for the short story) I forgotten to clean it once it was cool which was my intentions. But I have a short memory!

So I end up cleaning it and then for some reason like its a magic stove that automatically turns on after cleaning up the crap you spilled in it I had put the cake in and forgotten to turn it on! So after timer went off 25 min later I go to the oven to see a cake that needed cooked!

OK then I get the cake done finally and then you are to put powdered sugar all over a towel to turn the cake over into it to roll it up! Well did you know that I never met a box of powdered sugar I didn't spill all over the place! I had powdered sugar on every surface of my counter and even where I wasn't working! That clean up took forever!

After the darn cake cooled I slapped that cream cheese icing I made onto the cake and ATTEMPTED to roll it up and lets just say I won't mind paying for one of those cake rolls next time I am at the fru fru grocery store! This is a lot of work! And my roll doesn't quite look like a roll. I showed the cake roll my belly and said "Now this is how you roll" but it remained sad....Hope it taste better than it looks!



Unknown said...

bahahahahaha bahahahhahaha You crack me up!! Sounds exactly what would happen if I tryed something new to make! You still have time to run to the store and buy one then "pretend" you made it hee hee! This day is sucking for me to! Love ya, Leanne

DIANA L. said...

Been there done that--- It is funny to look back at but not so funny when you are in the midst of it. I'm glad it was yummy!!!!