Saturday, November 19, 2011

Getting all Domestic up in here!

Somehow in the midst of feeling sorry for myself because I have the flu, a head cold or just a the heck do you know which one? They say "feed a cold...starve a fever" well I feed them both!

Today i decided to go buy a pork tenderloin to make bbq pork sandwiches. Now if I take this story back a bit I will tell you that one day Krogers had buy 10 for $10  sweet baby ray bbq sauce. So lets just say I have ALOT of bbq sauce and needed to use some up. What better way to celebrate a nasty....cold...gloomy day than BBQ pork sandwiches and football (ok I don't pay attention to the football but it is on because hubby does control the "clicker" yeah I know its not called a clicker anymore)

I had purchased a really great book at Joann's the other day for making candy. So I decided also to pick two recipes to make today. This book I love because unlike all the gazillions of cookbooks I have this one pretty much has every recipes that I would definitely make and they are relatively simple and not too many ingredients.

I decided on Chocolate Peanut Butter fudge with pecans and Orange jelly candies (you know the jelly candies with the sugar all over them....they had me at sugar!)

I went to Krogers and after 3 trips I finally got all the stuff I needed. I forgot the jelly recipe called for apple juice so that was my hubby's second trip to kroger's. Yes I have a husband that is very helpful, especially if you tell him you are making something sweet for him to eat! Then I  bought fruit pectin for the jelly candy but didn't pay attention to how much I need and I needed a second package therefore the third trip was necessary! I didn't say I was real organized with cooking!

I have yet to make fudge that actually looks and taste like fudge to this day so when I made this I was skeptical I would accomplish it. I panic a little every time when trying to achieve the correct "soft ball stage" but I tried to settle down and just breathe because after all it is fudge making its not creating a rocket ship that will not fall apart on lift off.

My fudge turned out unbelievably good!! The orange jelly candies look and taste super also. So now guess what family is getting for some presents! CANDY!! I plan to make loads of different recipes from this book. Here is the cover so that you can pick this book up because it really is a great candy book!

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DIANA L. said...

Yum I hope you feel better soon.
I have 2 giveaways going right now

Lisa said...

I hope you are feeling much better soon! This book looks so awesome! The fudge and jelly candies look so delicious!! I'm going to look for it on my next trip to Joann!! :)


Unknown said...

Yummmmm the fudge and candy look soooo good! I hope my Joann's has that cook book! I'm going to try to find it next time I'm in there! I hope you feel better soon! Had a really, really bad night last night (from the medicine) but feeling some better this morning tired calling you! Call me when you can! Love ya! Leanne

Theresa said...

Those do look yummy!
Feel better soon :)