Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mini just arrived!!

At the door when I opened it sat my little mini in the cold! I didn't even get a knock or anything to tell me it was here. They just drop it off. So I just unpacked it and haven't hooked it up yet so maybe tomorrow I will do a video!! It is super lightweight, super cute!!! I wonder when enough is enough on the amount of machines. I now have 4. But my E2 I won on everydaycricut.com (Thanks Joy and Melanie and Provo Craft!) and then I won this little bugger on Creative Time with me (thanks Emma and Custom Crops!!!) I can't help but be excited to try it out. Here is the pics of my room with the machines. I will take a video on my new craft room since I did move in August. My room is so much bigger, large window so lots of light. Hugs to you all!

 My original Expression , not used as much but still use SCAL with it (sorry Provo Craft but I have lots of carts but once in a while still need to use SCAL.

How cute they look together!

This little bug is so lightweight! I can take this on vacations no problem!

My E2 Anniversary Edition

The heaviest but it is my favorite!!>

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