Monday, May 28, 2012

Shades of Gray

Since Emma at Creative Time for Me is having a Scrappy Monday Challenge I thought I would join in.
I decided today i was going to scrap something for someone who means the world to me and this would have alot of meaning to her... My daughter Lindsay.

She dated Jason for over 4 years, all through high school and then graduation. She started noticing a change in him that wasn't a good one and I think when she was taking classes at IU he fell into the wrong crowd. He started doing drugs and she tried to help him get off them but she realized she wasn't going to be able to do that and decided they needed to break up. My daughter was always the perfect child to me. She never got in any trouble in school, always checked in with me when she went somewhere and we spent alot of time together. She never ever disappointed me and her decision to walk away from a relationship with someone who she cared so much about showed how mature beyond her years she was.

She stayed in contact with him alot and I know they both still loved each other very much. I remember the day like it was yesterday...she worked for me at my business and she got a phone call from her friend Cassie who was also Jason's sister. He had died. My daughter was so disbelieving of this news and even though it has been years I am crying as I write this. I cannot forgive myself because I chose for my own selfish reasons not to go to his funeral. I was thinking about how it was going to make me feel. I knew that I would not be able to take my daughter breaking down. I am weak when it comes to her and anything that hurts her.

Although she was in another relationship she was very distraught. To this day I know she has never forgotten about him. So this is just a little something I can do for her. I know the colors in the picture don't really go with what I used on this layout but it was all behind the meaning I was going for. This paper with all the sayings on it is from Quick Quotes and I felt all the sayings really went with what I feel and she feels is that life is too short. I used grays for two reasons. It seems to be the color my daughter is drawn too. We go shopping I find all kinds of colorful things that she would look beautiful wearing and she picks something gray. Also that the gray and black symbolizes her mourning. That is why I chose this title. I used My Creative Time for Me set "Encouraging Quotes" which was so fitting for this layout. I'm not much on layouts because I just don't seem to be able to do them and make them look good!!

Here is some pics of them on Prom which is what I used on the layout as well was a prom photo.


This one is just a pic of Jason I had

Here is a pic of my beautiful Daughter today...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tuesday Morning 7 Gypsies Stamp Review

I went one day on lunch to the Tuesday Morning store close to my office. They have ALOT of scrapbooking stuff...Tim Holtz 12 x 12 paper stacks for $4.99, 7 gypsies 6x6 pad I saw for $1.99 so when I saw this HUGE set of clear stamps regular price $19.99 for $7.99 I nabbed it. I used some recently on a blog planner book for my winner (pictures to be added later after she receives it) and it turned out super cute. I love all the sayings on this stamp set! Its fun to take several of them and do kind of a word art type thing which is what I did on the planner.

Now for the bad....I didn't use to know the difference between a good quality stamp and a bad one since I really didn't buy stamps very much. Now that i have been purchasing peachykeen and My Creative Time for me and the quality is AMAZING... now when I happen to use a stamp set that isn't, then I really notice it. Some of them aren't really cut well so you have to use your scissors on them but the worst part is they are like silicone...stretchy and when you try to pull off the clear sheet they can get alittle out of whack.

So in conclusion I am glad I purchased them at such a great price because you can't be too disappointed when you spend so much less. Now if I would have paid the full price I would have been very irritated. Its a shame that a company with this reputation wouldn't make sure to have a quality stamp produced. I would have paid over the $19.99 if it was good quality for a stamp set this size i would have been willing to pay $30 for it. As I am sure any crafter would if they really wanted something. Here is a pic of the set. Like I said great sayings on this set and still happy to have it. Just giving my opinion.

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Creative Time for Me Friday Tip of the Day

Hello Beautiful Crafty People!

Welcome to another Friday Tip of the day and my monthly Guest Design Spot.

Did you see all the new yummy stamps and Dies Miss Emma has just released? Of course you
did! That girl is on a roll with these and whipping them out as quick as we all can grab them up!
Love Love Loving them all!

A Stylish but Quick Luggage Tag..
Easy Peasy lets go on vacation pleasy!!

 The New Tag dies & all around everything accessories!

Ok I have to admit i had problems with my luggage tag. I did laminate it on my brother cool touch laminator. Sometimes i have visions in my head hot it will work but it doesn't! SO here it in and again pics at night cause of working so I  hope not to bad. Picture doesn't do it justice. I tried to edit it about 50 times but the internet was running so poorly it wasn't loading. so no editing. So I i will  show you the back side that the color doesn't look a thing like it should but editing software is not cooperating.  The back has all your info on it. This darn picture looks all green and these are shades of aqua blue. Really mad....I got to quit photographying at night! Cause there are some funky things that happen with this one. Well hope you just get inspiration to make one. I promise i will get the good camera and learn to use it. I just get in a hurry. I got my room all set up now for video and pics.

A Birthday Gift Tags
I used "Celebrate Good Times" set and of course the Tag Dies
I used Elmos party cricut cart to cut Elmos and then added the ice cream die cut.
Elmo was cut at 2" The paper is from My Minds Eye. The actual tag paper was
printed on my imagine from the cart "Imagine More"
Next I used the set "Celebrate Good Times" and this set comes with this adorable cupcake die. I used
Paper from the My Minds Eye "Lime Twist" for the cupcake die and then wrapped pink twine
that is also from My Minds Eye line.

I used real chunky glitter on the ice cream cone layer, also used
the Bonash Foils for the flame

These are great sets and wonderful if you need to whip out a cute tag or card without
breaking out the die cutting machines. Sometimes you just don't have time!

One more project
This was a quick card. I printed the pattern paper of my imagine more cart. Use kraft card stock for base. Used the circle and scallop die and the new set All around everything. And I used an older set called "encouraging words"

TIP #1
How to make your own tear off pad!!! I was reading alot online of how to make
a tearoff pad since you probably remember that was part of the blog planner book I
did last Tip of the day. Every article I came across showed using "Notebook Compound" well
it is not accessible from any stores you have to order online...heck no I don't like to
wait when I got something to do! So I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased "Rubber Cement"

Next you gather up all the pages you want on your pad and then take a sheet of chipboard to put as a
back. Next I used those little metal clips to hold it in place. Now here is an extra tip....
get yourself some cheap small paint brushes cause this rubber cement comes with a brush
attached to the lid and its a MONGO brush and it gets too sloppy for me and hard to
keep where you want it. So if you use a smaller brush you can control the application much better. I also did several coats. Place really heavy object on top of it while you are doing it as well to help
keep pages nice and tight and secure. I also want to make a note that you should
Put a manilla folder or something scrap on the bottom to catch all the excess and then
before it has time to dry just move it slightly on the paper to keep that from
adhering to your tablet. I will be doing a video this weekend so stayed turned for that and show
the new blog planner book I made for Jessica. She is not allowed to watch cause she doesn't
have it in her hot little hand yet. 

TIP #2
(more like a SHOUT OUT to Ikea for yet another fab product)
My favorite thing is staying organized... (Yes if your OCD and your know it clap your hands)
... so another Tip for today is products you can utilize to do that and stay stylish! 
We all want our scrap rooms to look swank don't we! I love the retro style and colors like the aqua
 (hey not everything can be pink! which is my fav!) 

I am so getting this the next time my daughter in law is coming to visit I will have her first slide by Ikea and pick this up for me. I used to live close to one but now (insert tears...booo hoooo I don't) probably a 
good thing for my wallet since I want everything. My hubby is always a sport though he would take me 
there and shop for hours with me. He even picked up that wire curtain rod thing I used to hang my
stamps on from another tip of the day when he went to visit his daughter last time in Atlanta. 

So Ikea has this kitchen cart on wheels (doing a happy dance) 
so that you can wheel it around your happy room when you need it in different spots!! I love the style!
It is $49.95 I like that store because everything is so reasonable.

TIP #3
SAVING MONEY who doesn't want to do this!
When I plan to "visit" Hobby Lobby, Michaels or hey anywhere really that I need to get something I go to and at the top you will see a "coupon"tab...just click it, type in Michaels or JCPenny or whatever store you are getting ready to shop (even online coupons too for those of you like me who don't like to actually shop physically in the store!) and a list of coupons will come up. I never leave the housewithout checking for them if I know I am going to stop at stores to pick something up.

I don't know what happened with my words being all jumbled on this post but I tried to fix and it just isn't happening so I'm going to leave it alone because I do not want to type it all again!
Well i hope I gave you some good tips and you thought my projects were "ok"

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fathers Day Gift Idea

I wanted to get something special for my hubby since he really doesn't have anything he wants because he tends to get it if he wants it is makes it hard to buy him a gift. I had this cute picture of him and our grand kids in the pool at our Florida home and thought that would make it a special gift.

 I ordered the 8x10 canvas frame and honestly I had it within a few days! The ordering process was super easy, just select a photo from your computer and it uploads and tells you if the quality of the photo is good enough. After that you can adjust the picture on the canvas and even blow it up to fit in what you really want from the photo which is what I did. I wanted to make sure to see there faces well.

Here is the end product! I am very happy with the quality of this print and they way the canvas is wrapped!
Click here "Easy Canvas Prints" to go and have your own canvas print down for that special man in your life for fathers day! Its a very unique gift that they will love!

Here is the picture I sent in and It turned out super good. The quality is just as crisp as the original!

If you go like "Easy Canvas Prints" on facebook you can save 50% off your purchase!!!!

Got Ink?

I think I have enough ink to last a few years! I had my first ink cartridges in my imagine for over a year before I got low ink warning and trust me I use my imagine so it was unbelievable. Now I know that was probably just a flook thing so maybe I will start depleating the supply!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Reorganized scraproom

Well I got the urge to move things around and I think this will work better. Its hard to get the video camera to tape where I was and I want to start doing some videos and I was crowded with the chair position before so this opens it up so much more. I took lots of room has a large window so alot of light comes in so hope pics are ok.


You can see in the one photo there is a random house slipper on the floor but it is an old one that my puppies play with so its just in my room.

Also when I got up this morning and stripped the bed to wash the sheets I made a pile of all the dog toys that were in the bed! WOW that is alot of dog toys. Our bed is huge but come on furbabies do you really need that many up there!

What I am doing today...

Today i am working on the blog planner for the winner of my giveaway. I must say it is looking really cute. She gave me an idea of what she liked and it was enough to send me off and going! I am loving it!

Stay tuned for the pics of the progress. I would post now but she is a follower and I want her to be surprised when she sees it.

A first for me today....I LOADED MY OWN ATG GUN! I usually have hubby do it but this time I put on my big girl pants (ok so I already had the BIG pants on but no need to call me out on that!) and put it in and I must say it worked fine.

I have had a love hate relationship with my ATG gun...and actually was on a "break"...I said listen here ATG you go away and think about what you did and then maybe I will want you back. So once I cooled off I picked it back up and re-wound the tape for the 4th time and after using a few times the tape ran out! So I decided to try my hand at re-filling it cause I am not a quitter. So it turned out fine....nobody was harmed during the refilling of the ATG gun.

Also I have a Guest spot once a month for sweet Emma of My creative time for me so today i am getting started on my project for that. I received my new tag dies and stamps and can't wait to play with them. So stayed posted for that it will be on Friday the 25th.

Well that is all for now. Stay tuned for blog planners I am working on, one for Emma and one for my bestie. I will post my pictures as I get it all done. I am actually getting the hang of it now so they are going better except now is the binding time and I am so afraid to do it cause if you mess it up got to start all over and I put so much into what I have done already I can't bear to do that. So I may be taking the chicken way out and taking it to officemax. There if they mess up well....lets just say it wouldn't be pretty! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 other passion!


Today I wanted to share with you a couple meals I have planned using lean cuts of pork! Love Pork!

First one...Who doesn't love breaded tenderloins but if you like us it is hard to find a good place to get one. So why not make them yourself? Its not hard at all! Here is our way to make a simple breaded pork tenderloin.

We bought Bonesless Butterfly chops and we asked the meat department at Fresh Market to run them through the meat tenderizer a few times. When I got home I realized they were pretty big so I cut them in half and then I placed plastic wrap over them and pounded them really super thin with a meat mallot. Once I got them pounded out super thin I seasoned them with just salt and pepper. Then I dipped them in egg and then in Plain bread crumbs. Put them in a skillet with enough oil to deep fry them. In our case it was probably just an inch of oil or so because we just flipped them and did the other side. Slap those babies on a bun with mustard and ketchup and YUMMMY!!! I took a pic of the meat before I deep fried them but honestly once they were done I was so hungry I didn't get the final pic taken!!


Tonights meal is just a simple one as well. This time with Bone in pork chops. We seasoned them up and then chopped onion and red pepper and then slathered them with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce and baked them in the oven. They came out so tender and delicious!


**Disclaimer: I am a bzzagent and received coupons in the mail for this campaign
 but this is my honest opinion!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

500 Follower giveaway....well almost!

Ok I am on a roll today with my giveaways so I thought since I have CREEPED along with trying to get 500 peeps to follow me I would go ahead and pick a winner from my Post back in Sept 2011 and STILL not at 500 but only two away so I am picking a winner. The winner is LISA!!!

Here is what Lisa Said:

You will be at 500 in no time, Deb! I posted your giveaway on my blog! Thanks so much for the chance to win!! And thank you for entering my blog candy giveaway :)


So Lisa you have won the Imagine Heirloom cartridge. Hope you have an imagine or if you already have this you can give someone a gift!! 

Thank you all!!

WINNER WINNER its a steak dinner!!

HA HA you thought I was gonna say Chicken Dinner! Well it breaks my heart to disappoint any of you and i wish my little hands could make 41 of these babies so that each and everyone of you gets one of these but I just can't do it. I don't have little elves stuck away in the closet to help me and for some reason my furbabies are very UNPRODUCTIVE!

They look quite cute on my desk and laying in my chair but they haven't master the glue gun, cricut or anything that is of any help to me!

Ok I have selected a winner and it is.....drum roll here if you had sound turned not really but it drumming in my head....

JESSICA!!!! Here is what Jessica said....

So jessica I have emailed you and I will be feverishy working on this planner. It is alot of work I have to say but the results are quite nice.

Hugs to all my peeps! Happy Mothers Day to you all. Today is my anniversary also so I am having a special dinner with my man!! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blog Planners

Well I am busy working away on the blog to a lucky winner that will be drawn next week and two others for special friends. I plan to make a video but today when i went to turn on my camera the battery was low. So I halted production till I can get it charged. I did start a few elements of the one but most of it will be filmed. I do plan to have them professionally bound since my binding skills are just terrible!!!

I checked on printing the 52 pages of the blog weekly sheets at office max and it was going to cost me almost $26! So I will be printing them on the laser printer at work until it kills over. Otherwise the pages will be black and white next round. As long as the ink holds up on this printer my friends will get colored pages! Its not really that much color when its all said and done just a hint around the edges.

My problem was selecting the right paper for the books. I was printing them on my imagine and then it said low ink and I put a new cartridge in and NOW IT WILL NOT WORK!!! Says "Missing Ink Cartridges" I have tried to restore it etc. and it only gets to one spot and then the message appears again. I think its gone by by. I'm very sad. I have had it over a year with the same ink in it and people I have been using it and I have printed alot. I thought I might have been in the land of willy wonka with everlasting ink!

All good things must come to an end. Stay tuned for my blog books and video. I think I may do another giveaway too! NO...I'm not giving away another blog book! These babies will probably cost me $12 a piece to mail!