Sunday, May 20, 2012

Reorganized scraproom

Well I got the urge to move things around and I think this will work better. Its hard to get the video camera to tape where I was and I want to start doing some videos and I was crowded with the chair position before so this opens it up so much more. I took lots of room has a large window so alot of light comes in so hope pics are ok.


You can see in the one photo there is a random house slipper on the floor but it is an old one that my puppies play with so its just in my room.

Also when I got up this morning and stripped the bed to wash the sheets I made a pile of all the dog toys that were in the bed! WOW that is alot of dog toys. Our bed is huge but come on furbabies do you really need that many up there!


Chriss America Real said...

Oh I love all the dog toys in the bed! So funny! My Louie is a toy lover too! Your room looks really good! I really like all the light you have from the windows, that is great! I like your big comfy chair too! My scrapbook room is too small for a comfy chair! I have been cleaning my house today too! I wonder why we have the


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Your space is great!

jessica said...

Love your beautiful space!!!