Friday, July 27, 2012

Creative Time for Me Friday Tip of the Day!

Hello everyone! Debbie from "Bugjuiced" here for another GD spot and Friday Tip of the Day!!! WOW where has this month gone! I can't believe we are almost in August! I really had a lot planned for this month and the time has just gotten so past me! 

I have a cute quick little project to show you today and its a summer time fav with so many people even if you don't camp!

But with a twist because they are Smores POPS!!

I for one can't get enough of seeing cake pops. Some people just decorate them so cute! I wanted to enjoy them in a much simpler fashion and they are so so yummy!!! These would be so cute in Emma's Lollipop die cutout!!!!

I used Emma's (and one of my fans!) Circle & Scallop dies to cut out my sayings. I made a few with the cute Teeny Tag Greeting set also and stamped them with various sayings from the set. This is also one of my favorite sets! I ended up printing some sayings because I wanted it to be smore related! I used some cute Chocolate Chip twine for the tying of the pops. I wish I could show you this whole pic and the container I made to put them in but its for a upcoming challenge on another day!

This pic here I just stuck them on the top just to photograph
the sayings. Then I moved the sentiment to the top as you see below to stick in the box I made. 

Here is the pic below where I had made a cute little box and stuck them in
the top of it. It turned out so cute but that is a post I am 
on July 31 for a project challenge for another DT I am on so I can't show the finished project! 

Another set I did I used the Teeny Tag Greeting stamp & Die set I cut the little box I put one in below from the Close to My heart Art Philosophy set. 

I bought Jumbo Marshmellows (they are really big ones! Much bigger than the usual large)

Lollipop sticks from Michaels cake section Michaels 

Cake pop bags from Michaels which come with ribbon also!

Melting Bakers brand chocolate (comes in a box at grocery)

Graham crackers (I got the whole ones and put in a baggy and rough crushed) I wanted some large and small chunks on mine. You can also buy already crushed but then how will you take out your weeks frustration on already crushed graham crackers! :)

I just took 3-4 squares of the chocolate and put them in a microwave bowl and "nuked" those puppies until it was nice and melted. (Stop and stir a bit in between)

I dipped my stick in the chocolate and then stuck it in the marshmallow to give it a good hold. Then rolled my marshmallow around in the chocolate and then rolled in the graham crackers! WOW if you eat one right away it is so yummy also! Since the chocolate is still warm! They look super cute in the package!

Now, my tip of the day is all about Gift Giving

Before you know it we will be looking for ways to make Christmas gifts because everyone is always looking for ways to save money because we have experienced some changing in our lives with loss of jobs etc. I found the best sites for finding creative ways to give gifts in a jar! I love gifts in a jar....something about just this simple gift and the cute labels (made with the circle & Scallop dies etc.) and tags you can put on them just makes me smile. I think homemade gifts are the best and people appreciate the simplicity and the special time you took to make something for them. I myself love to get homemade gifts. 

Here is a few great sites to check out ideas for the gifts in the jars!!
1. Indulgy  there is so much to take in from this site! Things you just don't think about using for a gift.

2. Here is a great site "Tip Junkie" to show you some ways to save money and show someone you love them or are just thinking about them. These pictures are from the site I linked as well.

Thank you so much Emma for giving me this opportunity each month. I love Emma's products and enjoy making something to share and I enjoy searching for useful tips and hope that you find some of them very useful. Hugs to Emma & Aaron and hope he is getting better day by day!


jessica said...

Your treats are awesome!!! Super gift idea and so super yummy!!!
Love your gift tips as well!!
TFS and Happy Friday!!!

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ I had to pop over and tell you again this is such a CLEVER and Yummy idea! I seriously never would have thought about smore pops!!! I adore your tips and LOVE the jar ideas as well! Keep them coming!! I can't wait until July 31st to see the final product too! FABULOUS idea and job!!!