Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog Planner for Emma (My Creative Time for Me)

Sweet Sweet Emma from My Creative Time for Me has been so nice to me allowing me to Guest Designing each month. I think she has to be on of the sweetest people I know. She truly cares for her customers, friends. She treats everyone as if they were part of her family and her Design team is AWESOME!!!. I wish I could send each one of them one of these books but my little fat stubby fred flintstone fingers just can't make that many books!! HEE HEE

I had made one for her before but had to scrap it because I ruined it by punching the holes for the binding with my Bind it all wrong. INSERT CHOICE WORDS HERE!!! Well I replaced my BIND IT ALL with a Cinch and lets just say the words that are used in my scrap haven are a little more G rated. Now...I did practice and thought I had it all figured out with what I was doing and I did still make a boo boo but I figured I could live with it and Emma would be ok with it as well. She says there is no mistake in paper crafting....well she may think differently once she looks my book over! I love the Cinch much better but I have to say the bind it all squeezes the binding together much better so there are pro's and con's to both. The pros out weigh the cons for me.

The first book had alot of red because I know she loves red. But when I had to do it all over again I chose to use my Momenta Kaleidoscope paper pack. It is AWESOME paper. The weight of it is like good wallpaper and I love the texture. The colors I knew would all coordinate so it made making it much easier. I used my beautiful Timeless Twine in Aqua. I added a cute "Hello Kitty" charm from "The Charm Store 24/7 on facebook. I cut about 5 of each layer of the Hello kitty and make it almost like a cardboard dimensional sticker you buy (thanks to my friend Leanne for mentioning how to do this!!)



jessica said...

This is awesome Deb!! Love the colors, the twine and that adorable Hello Kitty!!!
I know Emma will love this!!!
TFS and Happy Friday!!!

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ this is ADORABLE and AWESOME! How sad the first one didn't turn out but this one sure did! She LOVES Hello Kitty too! What a FABULOUS idea too! Oh your post just cracked me up! So nice to know that crafting disasters and the fits & language issues just DON'T just happen in my house! ROFLOL!!!! Awesome and Sweet planner!

Crafty Moni said...

Your so funny:)lol. I have both the bind it all and the cinich, and I most agree the cinch is a bit easier to use:). Your Planner is adorable, Emma will love it!

Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
Monica L.