Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Black Kraft....Spooky times!

WELLLLLLL my pretties we finally made it to halloween didn't we. Now what will I do since I SHOULDN'T make anymore halloween projects after today....but I love them!

Today I am showing the BOOOOTIFUL new color that Timeless Twine has cooked up in its Cauldron!!

BLACK KRAFT!!!! I love the name too cause it sounds SPOOKY!!!! I wish I could add sound effects as there would be a whole lot of witches Cackles and spooky noises!

I used a couple Silhouette file for my projects. I love them! They cut so good and then the score lines are always fantastic. Look at the thin lines it cut in this lantern! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

My cricut would have never cut this so cleanly or intricately. I am still amazed at this machine.

Doesn't this twine look awesome!! Be sure to go grab you some at Bellacreations! There is tons of other colors to choose from....remember Christmas is just days away! Time sure flys!!! (another witches Cackle going on up in here)

Today I am also going to do a giveaway for this post. It will run for two weeks so please make sure to comment! I would love for you to be a follower but its NOT mandatory. I want you to follow because you like the projects you see and lets not forget my lovely personality. HEE HEE

I am giving away a brand new Cricut Imagine Cartridge "Spring Chic". Here is what you have to do for it.
1. Leave a comment here on this post.
2. Go to Timeless Twine Blog. Follow them and leave a comment.
I will check to see if you did this!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Cutting Cafe Halloween flying by!

Hello today i am doing a quick but cute little card for Halloween and "The Cutting Cafe". I am sad that tomorrow is Halloween and therefore no more halloween projects! :( I don't know if I can stop or not. You may get them up until you think that is too much? I THINK NOT!! HA HA

CACKLE CACKLE....I made this SUPER cute little card with the Witches Boot Shaped Card file. Don't forget Regina always has Cyber Monday sales and you get a ton of files for super cheap! I used the sentiment that comes with the shaped card. So nice that the files always have coordinating printable sentiments. Also do not forget those of you who do not have cutting machines there is always a PDF of the files so you can cut with your scissors! Take a look at the files she has. There is definitely a wild variety and something for everyone.

Super cute file assigned for next week so stayed tuned for more and don't forget to visit the blog so you can see all the projects from the awesome Design team!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Square 1 Party packs

Right now Square 1 has some great deals so that you can save some money on this wonderful product!  There is still time to pick up the Halloween Bundle.  This pack has some great color combinations that can be used for Halloween or Fall decorating . . . and if you use the code 
at check out you can save 15% off the regular price!!!!!!

Square 1 is also introducing THREE new packs for the holidays

If you pre-order the SUPER HOLIDAY BUNDLE, which contains ALL THREE of these new holiday packs and use the Coupon Code
you will get all 15 sheets for only $29.99!!!!!

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Other Important Links

Square 1 Masterpiece Blog ~
Square 1 Masterpiece Facebook Page ~ Click HERE
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Friday, October 26, 2012

My Creative TIme For Me Friday Tip of the Day

Heller wonderful people! 

Its my monthly Guest Spot with My Creative Time For Me and I am in the fall mood now which you know how it is fall has gotten shorter and shorter. The leaves here start to turn and before you know it they have fallen off.

I love the colors that fall creates. It makes me all warm and fuzzy. I love sweatshirt weather when it is a bit nippy at night but still warm enough to not be freezing. I love the air and how it smells in the fall just like after a good rain. And of course I LOVE HOT CHOCOLATE especially Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate that is some good stuff right there.

Ok on to the crafting! I made this cute little candy box using the SVG files from SVGcuts Acorn Autumn Kit. Love the way there files cut and always turn out. I used Emma's set "Piles of Smiles" for both of my sentiments and the die for the leaves. WOWSER these leaves are super cute. I like the way she added the stitching around them they are super cute! I used multiple colors of paper for the leaves. And you guessed her Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Ink!! ha ha  I know do I own any other color? (said in a Jim Carey voice)

I did an "Impressionistic" yeah its a job on the stalks to just give them a little something something.

If you all follow along with my blog you probably seen my Timeless Twine post and
my zombies curlie hair. Well Here is how to accomplish that:
I put in a bowl some "Scotch" Quick Dry i am sure you could use
other kinds this happens to be what I had on hand and I like that it dries quick hence the name
(See the marshmellows in the background....doesn't everyone have them in their scrap rooms? Can I 
get a WOOT WOOT for marshmallows! PS my dogs like them its a treat for them.
Ok back to the elixir...I mean the glue stuff. Just pour some glue in the bowl (hey I didn't say it 
was rocket science) and pour some water into the bowl and mix up. Throw your twine
in the bowl to get all loved by the glue. I pull it out and kinda "wring it out" a bit cause it will
be really wet. 

Wrap it around something metal seems to work the best cause it doesn't
stick. I have a metal skewer I believe I got at Bed Bath & Beyond (don't 
they have everything there!) I like this too because it makes my curls so nice and small.

Let it dry and just slide off, and then you will get this results! 

another example from my zombie layout

Next time I will try to do a video. I have a technique I will share next month
using Epson Salts!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Cutting Cafe...Its Hot Chocolate Time!!

Today is my The Cutting Cafe project and I made a Hot Chocolate Holder. I put a sleeve
on the outside to keep it shut and it creates this cute little box. The inside holds Hot Chocolate
packets or a packet and little baggie of marshmallows!!

I cut out a sentiment that come with the
cutting file set. Also for those who don't have cutting machines Regina's files always come with PDF's
so that you can cut them by hand!!
The Cutting Cafe has such a variety of files so you are sure to find something for a 
project or gift for someone special!

Here is the link to the file: Hot Chocolate Holder

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Timeless Twine New Color!!!

Hey you all there is a brand new color called "Black Kraft" at Timeless Twine!!!! Here is a pic of it!

Just go to Timeless Twine and Enter to win this new awesome color! I love the name....sounds witchy!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Timeless Twine Curlie Zombie Layout

Today I am sharing a cute little 8x8 layout I did for Timeless Twine. I originally planned to put my Zombie (Zombalina) on a 3D object but the box I cut ended up not being big enough and I had spent so much time working on the project I was tired!!! So I decided to do a layout.

This zombie girl is from a Treasurebox Designs. Its called "Me and My Ghoulfriend" and I just chose to do the girl. I just left it the same size as what it came into my program.

I took "Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive" and squirted some in a bowl and added water. I mixed it up real good and then put my twine in the bowl to soak for a minute. I used a metal Skewer to wrap the twine around (I think you could find them at Bed Bath and Beyond) and then layed it aside to dry.

Once it was dry I carefully pulled it off the skewer...skewer I just like to say that word!

I cut it into several different pieces and attached it to the back of my top piece. I think it turned out pretty cute and I don't usually say that!

I used Timeless Twine Purple Passion Twine!! Grab you some!!!

Monster toilet

Hey Hey Hey!!! My bathroom is possessed and I knew it was but this time I caught the monster and was able to get this pic of him!!!

and those hands were really coming up out of the do believe me right? 

I made my toilet peeper on my cameo and it cut like butter believe you me I am LOVING this
machine!! My cricut is super jealous but I decided I may break up with it but I am still leaving it hanging until I make my final decision. 

Loving this Square 1 product. It is so easily re-adjusted if you don't get it placed right and I used NO TRANSFER TAPE!!

I decided to make my monster green instead of black like you usually see it because I am just a different bird. I fly crooked instead of straight! :) HEE HEE (ok its probably cause I am having old syndrome eyes...but lets just go with the story I told) 

On the inside of this toilet I added the words "BOO YAH!) so when you open it you see it. SO BOO YAH!!!! If you were here to see me say this I got my hands up getting ready to scare you. I may add another picture of myself soon as I transform from a zombie like being into my vamp self (true blood lovers holleeerrrr!!) I am having withdraws since the season is over. Ok enough of that I am going to show the pic now of the lid. 

This is the product used for this project:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Cutting Cafe Breast Cancer Awareness

Today I am posting a quick card for The Cutting Cafe since I am trying to get myself back into the swing of things since being gone for a short vacation. It is taking me twice as long as I was gone to catch up!!
Why is it that it does? Makes me not want to go on vacation. I take so much time to prepare at work for me being gone, still get interrupted WHILE i am on vacation and then it takes me two weeks to catch up when I get home!!!

WHEW I am exhausted just saying all that! I really wanted to do more than this for my project as I try really hard to make the best project I can and The Cutting Cafe files are just the best. Please check out the site and see the various files Regina offers because there is truly something for all occasions.

Sadly two days before I left for vacation one of my clients called to tell me she had breast cancer. She had previous fought cancer  before but it came back and this time in her breast. I really went out of my way doing anything I could for this customer. I try hard to give my best to all clients but she was special. I had spent several evenings with her when she was deciding on her granite for her kitchen. I even drove (pretty far) to once again meet with her just to go with her to Home Depot to help her select a faucet. I knew she appreciate the extra attention I gave her and it made me feel good to do it for her. She had surgery the day after I returned and so I called her to check on her to see how she was. She lives alone and I knew she appreciate it.

I wish I could have done these files justice. Here is the link to the Breast cancer Tshirt file.

So my simple the card with a LOUD and important message is what I am posting! I hope you all take time to love and appreciate everyone in your life. Even if it isn't a family member... but merely a customer, a neighbor etc because truly everyday we have with each other is a gift from God. Live everyday like its your last because you really don't know when you might learn the hard way that it was someones last moment.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Zombies are coming!!

Hello!! Debbie with Bugjuiced here for my DT project. 

For my projects today I am still in the Halloween mode and I can't get enough of these types of projects and I am nuts over these zombie decals you see everyone sporting on the vehicle windows.

So my project is zombie decals! Now I did mine in black because they are on my office door but you could cut them in white to put on your vehicle windows etc. I can't say enough how awesome this product is. No transfer tape!! I pulled it off and if it gets stuck on other pieces its so easy to get off of itself. Putting it on the door was just as easy because If I did't like the way I got it on there or I didn't get it smooth all I had to do was pull it right off and place it again! It is SO easily repositioned and removed and that is great so you can save these zombies for next year.


This is the product used for this project:

Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Cutting Cafe Along came a spider

I am back from my trip to vegas and just exhausted still. You truly do not sleep in that city. For some reason you never feel tired. You know they say they pump a higher oxygen content out into the casino's to keep people more alert and I think that is so true but they must add something else to it too because I wasn't hungry either! Now I know you just fell off your chairs on that one because everyone knows I don't say no to food and all my trips are planned around something good I have ate in the past!

UMMMMHMMM girlfriend likes her yummies! It was my 50th birthday and I was with my hubs, my one and only daughter and her boyfriend and also my friend and ex-business partner was there! We had such a good time. The hubs had MORE fun sometimes than he should have but he does alot for me and I let it all "RIDE" ha ha

So for days I haven't felt like is a pic of me this morning at tell the truth do I look ok to you? I am thinking I still need alittle sleep. Nothing alittle makeup can't fix right?? Wow I am hungry.....

On to the more important thing here is THE CUTTING CAFE!!!! This week we had our choice of a few spider related things and let me tell you I have met some spiders lately at my house and the DO NOT LOOK AS CUTE!!! I made mine a girlie spider. She has got some game now...look at her eyelashes. She's gonna get her a guy spider for sure!! This is the cute little "Spider Treat Box" from "The Cutting Cafe" and it was so easy to put together. The score lines were perfect and made it go together so easily. Thank you for stopping by and be sure to visit The Cutting Cafe for some great files and printables. Regina always has a sale going on so watch the site and you can also visit the facebook page.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Square 1 Chicago Bears Project

Hello everyone!

As you all know I was asked to be on the Design Team for Square 1 Masterpiece. I love to do vinyl projects so I knew this would be something I would want to do. This material is so easy to work with. Its not vinyl...It is environmentally friendly alternative to vinyl. It provides brilliant print color and easily removable with no residue cling. Its phthalate-free but you can use it just like you do your vinyl but you don't have to use a transfer tape!!

For my project I did this intricate Chicago Bears Logo for my hubby and did not use transfer tape. I used the printable material for the "Chicago Bear" words and they came out so vibrant! Then I used from the Halloween bundle the orange and black for my bear. 

Now my walls are textured so you can see a little bumps but its only because of the wall. The great thing is that you can remove this off so easily, save it for later or use it in another spot and you can do this for more than 100 times! So make something for your laptop, refrigerator etc. and it will not damage it and if you decide to change it up you can remove it and make something else!

It was not easy with this design because it has a lot of small cuts with vinyl you could NEVER do this without transfer tape or ruining your design but if it started to stick to itself I  easily just pulled it back off!!! You can't do that with Vinyl!! I love the feel of this material it is like textured and fabric like. It cuts so nice in the machine. Go shop for some great products and let us see what you make!!

Here are the products I used for this project:

For more ideas check out of new DT blog here!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Timeless Twine Challenge

Hello everyone!!! Well its challenge time for Timeless Twine and our theme is "HALLOWEEN" can I get a woot woot!!! If you know me or visit my blog much you know how I LOVE Halloween! I can't get enough of it. I love making halloween projects.

For my project I made a small mini and used my new Cameo and bought this cute little CHUBBY witch owl (its me in cartoon form) to use on the cover. I had these little sticks in my closet and a lightbulb went off and I heard this ding ding noise! So I decided to make the broom out of the twine!

I think it turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself and I try not to say that myself! I used some colored ribbons on the rings of the book. I will be using more twine throughout the book once I start filling it up. The paper was a super cute stack that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I inked everything....wait for it....wait for guessed it my go to ink TIM HOLTZ VINTAGE PHOTO!!! HEE HEE

I need to buy that is bulk! Now you all need to visit Timeless Twine and link up your projects! You have until Oct. 28th at 11:59pm.

Winner gets a halloween 40 yard party pack of twine!

**Use Timeless Twine of course if possible on your projects!

Now here is my project!

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Cutting Cafe I Ruff you!

I am getting ready to head to Vegas for my 50th birthday and have been working like a mad woman on projects for the teams I am on. This week with The Cutting Cafe it was a free week to chose what you wanted.

Well I immediately decided I wanted to do something with TCC file "Animal and Bug Love". I also used the "Nesting Boxes" also to make the box. I used the printable "I ruff you" to make the top. I also found a bone on the internet to take into the silhouette studio to cutout a window with on the top. I did an offset to get a shadow bone also. Loving my cameo and this software!

I LOVE my furbabies so much so this project is with them in mind. Because we are going to Vegas and I can't take them (which I am not sure how I will be away from them so long!) I wanted to make a little project to store some bones for them to take when we board them. Now I visited about 5 places to find the right place to board them. Whenever possible they travel with us. So we are taking them to "PetSuites" and they are getting a "townhome" ha ha seriously if they had a penthouse that is what they would get. I know once when we lived in Florida we boarded them at this real nice brand new place on disney property and they had penthouses with flat screen tv's and webcams so you could see them while you were gone!! LOVED IT!!!

I used S.E.I paper that I bought in a set that was all pet related. I used the "Animal and Bug Mini Colored Circle Printable Stamps"  to do the tag. I used a die cause I don't have any punches....YET that are circle I am going to work on that for sure. So my cut is a little off but hard for me with a die that is small. I hope you like it!!

Pop over to The Cutting Cafe and grab some cutting files and printables. Man I love them all!