Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Cutting Cafe Breast Cancer Awareness

Today I am posting a quick card for The Cutting Cafe since I am trying to get myself back into the swing of things since being gone for a short vacation. It is taking me twice as long as I was gone to catch up!!
Why is it that it does? Makes me not want to go on vacation. I take so much time to prepare at work for me being gone, still get interrupted WHILE i am on vacation and then it takes me two weeks to catch up when I get home!!!

WHEW I am exhausted just saying all that! I really wanted to do more than this for my project as I try really hard to make the best project I can and The Cutting Cafe files are just the best. Please check out the site and see the various files Regina offers because there is truly something for all occasions.

Sadly two days before I left for vacation one of my clients called to tell me she had breast cancer. She had previous fought cancer  before but it came back and this time in her breast. I really went out of my way doing anything I could for this customer. I try hard to give my best to all clients but she was special. I had spent several evenings with her when she was deciding on her granite for her kitchen. I even drove (pretty far) to once again meet with her just to go with her to Home Depot to help her select a faucet. I knew she appreciate the extra attention I gave her and it made me feel good to do it for her. She had surgery the day after I returned and so I called her to check on her to see how she was. She lives alone and I knew she appreciate it.

I wish I could have done these files justice. Here is the link to the Breast cancer Tshirt file.

So my simple the card with a LOUD and important message is what I am posting! I hope you all take time to love and appreciate everyone in your life. Even if it isn't a family member... but merely a customer, a neighbor etc because truly everyday we have with each other is a gift from God. Live everyday like its your last because you really don't know when you might learn the hard way that it was someones last moment.


jessica said...

What a great card! Love that Regina made this file!!
Hoping your friend is hanging in there!! Bet she is grateful to have the support from a friend like you!!
Thanks for sharing your perfect card!!!

Regina Easter said...

I think this came out just beautiful. I love how you added the twine in the middle to. I sooooooo HATE CANCER. Your such a caring person Debbie. I hope your friend recovers 100 percent. Hugs

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ OMG! I am in tears!! I hope and pray your friend recovers quickly and ully! Why doe this not surprise me that you would do this for a client/ now friend?? Because you are caring person!
Well I think she is going to LOVE this card! Is screams SURVIVOR!!! I LOVE the shirt file, the ribbon with the twine sewn on it and the sentiment!! AWESOME job!!!
Huge Hugs and prayers to you, your friend, anyone who is ill and this post was FABULOUS! Thanks for the reminder!!!!

Jeri said...

This card is lovely. The way you embellished the pink ribbon with the twine was such a good idea. I know exactly how you feel trying to catch up. I'm going through the same thing from our move to another state. I'm saying a little prayer for your extra special customer. As a breast cancer survivor I know she can use all the prayers she can get. I'm sure that's what pulled me through my journey.