Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blooming Friendship

Today is my Timeless Twine day and I am showing a card I made with some twine flowers. I didn't entend to make this card. I was planning something 3d but time and a back problem has lead me to have less time in my craft room. I made a little card using Bubble Gum Pink & Raspberry Pink twine.

I used a sentiment from Joys Life "Yummy Puns" for this card.

Now I am NOT very good at videos but I am trying to practice the whole editing thing and how to get a video done without sounding stupid (have you ever noticed how weird you voice sounds when you listen to yourself?) So please don't be too harsh as I am a beginner and am trying to figure the software out etc. Plus I had forgotten how to use my camera HEE HEE old age man....its a bummer.

I wanted to show you quickly how I make these flowers. Its not rocket science but sometimes it helps to see how it was done and I am starting to get asked how I did this or how I did that....yea thats right just call me Martha....ha ha I wish I had her money but that is about all I would want cause with that wall of a personality I would bore myself. Can you imagine how popular she would be if she was not so monotone and robotic? Look how many people watch her now! But hey we can't all be bubbly and witty.

So get your popcorn ready and your 3d glasses...yeah right that would be so cool wouldn't it. I could throw twine at the camera and you would all think it was coming at ya!


Stop by to get you some yummy colors. New colors have been added and more to come! :)


Annette Allen said...

these flowers are amazing.. I tried to watch the video but it did not work. your card is gorgeous..

jessica said...

these are awesome!!!! I LOVE your video...and I will be scrap-lifting this idea :)
Thanks for sharing my friend and have a GREAT hump day!!!!

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ YEAH you did a video!! AWESOME job too! Didn't sound nervous or anything! I hear aslight southern accent?? Good voice as well! I can't wait to see more from you!!! Okay I didn't need popcorn ~ AWESOME length too!

As for that AMAZING, CUTE and CLEVER card ~ I LOVE it!!! OMG!! I can't wait to make one of these!! Those flowers are just too FUN!!! LOVE the twine stems too! Those brads are FABULOUS too!! So stoked for you!!! Note I stab myself with sissors without even doing the fluffing technique! LOL!

~amy~ said...

seriously fabulous.

Unknown said...

OMGosh, these flowers are great! TFS --C

Deb said...

Awesome! Using this idea for a get well card. Thanks for sharing

jennyplace2 said...

Thanks for the video on these super fun flower, when I get home I will be trying them out for sure. Great card Debbie.