Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Print & Cut with Silhouette Cameo

Another Tutorial here with the Cameo. I hope you don't get sick of them but I am loving this software and just want to show others how to use the functions! This video I had to piece together from two videos since I need to video computer screen and then the actually cutting process. I am a newbie with this video editing so please be patient with me while I learn! :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunday, March 24, 2013

You're one of a kind

Today is my last day on Joys Life team. I am sad to see it come to an end but I am taking a month long vacation in April and a much needed break to spend time with my hubby and also house hunt. We are headed to Florida which I am happy to go back to. We have had a cold, windy winter and I am so over it. 

Today I used the "Sweet Popsicle Puns" the sentiments in all the sets are really versatile and even if it is a "themed" set you will find that many can be used for anytime. I used some Chocolate Chip twine from Timeless Twine.  I have enjoyed working with Joys Life stamps. I think Joy has a wonderful sense of humor and of course that is very important to me to enjoy what I am doing and the products I use. So please stop by Joys Life DT blog and leave me some love! :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Joys LIfe "Inspired By" Blog Hop

Thank you for stopping by to join us in the "Inspired By"
Joys Life Blog Hop. 
You should have arrived here from Laura's blog. Today I made a very colorful card inspired by the photo below. Mostly I was inspired by the colors in the photo and that is what I was using for my inspiration! I used two sets from Joys Life to create the "Happy Everything" sentiment. I used "Holiday Occasions" and "Everyday Occasions" sets. 

I made the flowers and the polaroid cut from the Silhouette studio files. I love the little flowers. My favorite is the larger blue one. I put some Imaginisce bling on a few of the petals. Lord you should have seen that bling fly everywhere when I was opening the new package cause I couldn't figure out how it opened! I purchased the one with multiple colors in the container. Well lets just say I know how it operates NOW! But I will be vacuuming up lots of little bling for a while. Hope you enjoy the hop!! 

This is my inspiration picture

Here is my project 
It isn't a card it is a cute little decorated chipboard for my desk. 
I think my Polaroid is really hard to see! 


You can win a Roll of TIMELESS TWINE in the color of your choice if you do the follow:

  1. Leave me a comment here
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  3. Extra point if you subscribe to my youtube channel (link at the top right) Now this is optional and you definitely don't have to but if you do leave me another comment telling me you did this.
Thank you to everyone that visits my blog I really appreciate it! :)

Here is the blog lineup in case you didn't start at the beginning.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tracing SVG in Silhouette DE Software

Here is a video showing you how to trace your SVG files in Silhouette DE Software. Hope this helps some newbies!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm too sexy for this card

Heller Peeps!! I am over on Timeless Twine today.

Its a fabulous Wednesday Morning (yeah right) and I am sharing a goofy, crazy lady again for my card! I am on a kick right now with silly things. Yes I know I am warped but I like that one thing about myself. I can critique loads of things about myself but the one thing I do not ever want to change is my sense of humor. Honestly if I didn't have one I would probably be locked away somewhere in a dark room getting medication at intervals throughout the day and I would be looking around for R.P (Jack Nicholson from One flew over the cuckoos nest) ok cuckoos I would'nt have spelled it like that but hey the internet says that is how it is so it is....(but coo coo's nest seemed better don't ya think?)

I made this file myself in my silhouette studio just like I did my "Call me Maybe" lady" a few post back. This one was made up from seeing a crazy picture on the internet. So I just started working on shapes and got this together. She should of had some crazy socks on but this was the prototype and lets be real here folks this took me a long time to get done so it became THE one for the project! 

I used mostly straight pieces for the hair cause it was suppose to mostly be frazzled hair but I wanted to throw the curls in there a bit. 

I used coredinations paper for alot of it. Hand drew the lines for the skirt and shirt and some of the face and Bernice was ALIVE! ok now I am in my head saying ALIVE like Dr. Frankenstein from "Young Frankenstein" I am so abby normal! Maybe I need to get out of the house more often....eeeegh we shall see what happens when I come out of hibernation.

I used "Pumpkin Orange" for her hair. 
I hope you like Bernice!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The pair of Us

Today I am on Joys Life blog sharing a little card I created using the "Yummy Puns" stamp set. My friend Annette (she is awesome!) sent me some cute little dimensional felt embellishments and I have been wanting to use them and thought this stamp set was perfect for these embellishments. Don't you just love the sweet little faces and buttons on these embellies!!

I just did print and cut papers on my cameo to create the card. I used my Timeless Twine in "Cherry 


This is going to be a quick post. Sorry no drama or crazy stories to tell today. I am swamped with things to do and just wanted to share this with you all! More stories and mayhem to follow I am sure!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Creating Folders & Importing files into Silhouette DE software

Here is a new video showing you how to create folders in your silhouette DE software & Import SVG files into those folders.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sharing Your Greatest Joy

I am back on Joy's Life blog today and I wanted to share my project with you using her set "Everyday Occassions" 

This set is very versatile cause you can mix and match the words to create the sentiment that is right for you. I wanted to make another surprise slider card so I made a cute little girly baby one! I should have made my tag just a smidgen bigger but it still works. I love these different kinds of cards and I do have a video showing how I created the file in silhouette. I plan to do another video in the next day or so slowing how to create a special shaped slider. 

Click my video tab above or my you tube button on the side to see the videos I have so far. 

I used my favorite Timeless Twine in colors Bubblegum Pink & Olive Green
Paper is from My Minds Eye "Fine & Dandy Girl" 

Products used:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Make a Surprise Slider Card Silhouette File

Today I wanted to show you a video of how to make a silhouette file for a surprise slider card. This video is showing a basic square card. I made one with a cute shape that I will make another video of how to do it later on. This will help you to get familiar with how to create these files and put them together. I will also be doing a video on how they go together. There are two versions of this as well.

This is an example of a surprise slider card. This was from a previous post that you can find here. 


Keep checking back for more videos. I will be making more!! Instructions to put together this card will be one of them! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Timelessly Odd Hop

Happy Friday to you, crafty friends!
The Twine-istas and the Odd Girls are happy to welcome you to their first collaborative BLOG HOP!
You should have arrived here from Cassandra's blog.

Some Odd Girl and Timeless Twine decided to get together for a little playdate, and we are SO pleased you’ve joined us!  We hope you’ll find plenty of inspiration as you make your way around to all of the designers’ personal blogs, and be sure to leave a little love at each stop along the way, because there are THREE gorgeous spools of Timeless Twine and one $25 gift certificate to Some Odd Girl up for grabs!

Our hop, now being lovingly referred to as “The Timelessly Odd Hop”, runs now through Sunday, March 17th at midnight EST, so you have plenty of time to make your way around the circuit.  It’s a big hop, ‘cuz we have TONS of amazing designers who were absolutely excited to combine their love for all things cute, quirky, clever, and crafty, so take your time and ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY!

My Stamp is "Mae" 
I used Timeless Twine in "Pumpkin Orange" 
Paper: My Minds Eye "Stella Rose"
& Coredinations for base

If you’ve just dropped by randomly and haven’t been hopping from the beginning, here’s how it’s all going down:

So there’s your hop list!  You don’t have to visit everyone in order, but you do have to visit EVERYONE if you want to win the goodies!  And that’s your cue, friends!  Our winners will be announced on Monday, March 18th.  Happy hopping, and GOOD LUCK!

Your next stop is Kristy

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Call Me Maybe?

Hello People! Today I am on Timeless Twine Blog and I am showing my goofy side again. I love humor and if you know me you definitely know that. I like to laugh, I like to make people laugh and my crafting is definitely on the funny side.

I don't take alot too seriously I guess so that I can stay sane and happy. There is so much in life that can make us unhappy that I choose not to let that happen and I laugh alot every day. It helps to have a funny husband as well. I have video and pictures to prove that. Sometimes we will be in a store and the music is playing and I tell Bob I say "Break it down" and he will start dancing. He knows I am videoing him with my phone and when I need a laugh I have those videos to give me one.

I have some on my phone that even though I have watched them a ton I still laugh at them.

Ok enough of that nonsense right! Get to the crafting part...

I made this crazy looking lady in Silhouette Studio DE. I am loving making files. Mostly what I have made so far is card bases but I challenged myself to do something else. I am so sure there is easier and better ways to achieve it but I am still happy with the results. Yes its not perfect....do I care heck no!

I wanted her to have crazy eyes and glasses (maybe she is someone I know.....hmmmmmm I wear glasses.....but my hair is NOT like this) But I do not like to be on the telephone so I can relate to her.

I think because I have to talk so much with clients all day long that when I am at home I avoid the telephone like the plague. And besides its usually some stupid collection agency looking for someone named Adam who doesn't live with us....I DO not know him and I am not just fibbing with them. Seriously when you tell them they got the wrong number they always say "So you don't know Adam" ha ha ha so that is what you got out of me saying "You got the wrong number" why I believe you must have graduated from MIT you moron! OH Adam....I thought you said Fred....so you do know Adam? Adam who is Adam...you said you wanted to talk with Fred....ok I am done messing with you....GOODBYE...I mean it gets tiresome messing with them day in and day out when they are desperately seeking Adam.

Now see I got side tracked again! I used Timeless Twine "Tuxedo Black" for the telephone cord. And then some "Cherry Red" for a bow.
I used for the sentiment and the border a stamp set from Sweet Stamp Shop "Lets Chat".

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bite Me

Today I am on Joy's Life blog showing a card I make with the "Sweet Popsicle Puns" and sharing again that each set even though they have a theme can be so versatile for other projects!!
I seen this card on my bloggy friend Kates blog. Check hers out its great! http://www.scrapperscreativecorner.blogspot.com/2013/02/candace-s-nerdy-birthday-blog-hop.html

I love the show True Blood so as soon as I seen this freebie from svgcuttingfiles.com which was so awesome to get!!

I seen the "That bites" stamp and immediately I knew I could use this file for that. 

I also used Timeless Twine in "Cherry Red" 

Thank you for stopping by!!