Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Call Me Maybe?

Hello People! Today I am on Timeless Twine Blog and I am showing my goofy side again. I love humor and if you know me you definitely know that. I like to laugh, I like to make people laugh and my crafting is definitely on the funny side.

I don't take alot too seriously I guess so that I can stay sane and happy. There is so much in life that can make us unhappy that I choose not to let that happen and I laugh alot every day. It helps to have a funny husband as well. I have video and pictures to prove that. Sometimes we will be in a store and the music is playing and I tell Bob I say "Break it down" and he will start dancing. He knows I am videoing him with my phone and when I need a laugh I have those videos to give me one.

I have some on my phone that even though I have watched them a ton I still laugh at them.

Ok enough of that nonsense right! Get to the crafting part...

I made this crazy looking lady in Silhouette Studio DE. I am loving making files. Mostly what I have made so far is card bases but I challenged myself to do something else. I am so sure there is easier and better ways to achieve it but I am still happy with the results. Yes its not I care heck no!

I wanted her to have crazy eyes and glasses (maybe she is someone I know.....hmmmmmm I wear glasses.....but my hair is NOT like this) But I do not like to be on the telephone so I can relate to her.

I think because I have to talk so much with clients all day long that when I am at home I avoid the telephone like the plague. And besides its usually some stupid collection agency looking for someone named Adam who doesn't live with us....I DO not know him and I am not just fibbing with them. Seriously when you tell them they got the wrong number they always say "So you don't know Adam" ha ha ha so that is what you got out of me saying "You got the wrong number" why I believe you must have graduated from MIT you moron! OH Adam....I thought you said you do know Adam? Adam who is said you wanted to talk with Fred....ok I am done messing with you....GOODBYE...I mean it gets tiresome messing with them day in and day out when they are desperately seeking Adam.

Now see I got side tracked again! I used Timeless Twine "Tuxedo Black" for the telephone cord. And then some "Cherry Red" for a bow.
I used for the sentiment and the border a stamp set from Sweet Stamp Shop "Lets Chat".


VanessaB said...

LOL! funny! FUN card!! :)

Cathie w said...

really cute card Debbie


Janis Lewis said...

One day I will have a Cameo and on that day I'l calling you and asking for ADAM... just kidding. I have no idea how you make these files, but you ROCK! Loved your post. :) Janis

Nadia ( said...

If I had your phone number, I would call to ask for Adam just for the heck of it!

Love your stories and love your card even more!! Too, too cute and I love that it is your own creation!

Kim H said...

Adam ~ I mean Fred ~ okay DEBBIE ~ there should be a WARNING on this post! PELASE do NOT have liquids in your mouth for they spew all over the computer screen! BAHAHAHA! I am laughing so dang hard the hubs is in the other room asking me ~ what are you laugh at in there! I also have a child who doesn't go to school ( this is coming from a neighboring school district) or that I missed my meeting with the principal! YIKES!! Keep calling them and telling them my son is 7 ~ I know where he is at! UGH! Okay sorry for the tangent but this post just cracked me up! Especially you and your hubs!
So lets break it down! I LOVE, LOVE your card! That lady is the BEST!! The sentiment ~ ROCKS and the details are simply AMAZING!! LOVE this more than words and THANK YOU for helping me today and certainly making me laugh!

Unknown said...

OMG!!!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, like really FREAKING LOVE this lady!!! You did a AWESOME job with her!! This is probably my all time favorite thing you have made! It's sooooo original and you should be so proud of yourself it's AMAZING! Hugs, Leanne