Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Menu Planning made easy!

I was browsing pinterest and had pinned this blog ( that showed an easy to make Menu Board. I had originally planned on getting a magnetic board but not easy to find locally and not that cheap so I seen this site and she used a cork board that she found at Hobby Lobby and I went out to get all the necessary products I needed. My daughter loves Gray and Red so I wanted it to be pretty much identical to what the lady did on this blog and she got all her stuff at HL also. It was so easy! 

She gives the printables which I loved the colors so I left it all the same and used her printables and then laminated them. Then you just lay it down on the fabric making sure your pattern is going the right way and super glue the fabric on the back. I did one side then pulled it tight and glueing the other side as I held it tight. 

The only thing I would do different next time is use something besides hot glue to attach the days of the week etc. to the clothes pins and laminated prints. The hot glue did not want to keep it held down. The lamination was I guess just too slick and it kept coming loose. So that would be what I will change next time. I had E6000 around so I stuck some of it on there so lets see how that does. 

Now all I have to do is cut some little strips and hand write dishes she likes to cook on them for her menu planning!!

So here are the necessary ingredients & Price:

11 x 17 unframed cork board $4.99 (it was on sale for 30% off that though!)
bag of clothes pins $3.47 at HL (You could do two boards with the amount)
Chevron fabric 1/2 yard was $6.99 per yard but on sale 30% off you can do 3 of these size boards!!
laminator (you could mod podge or similar too I would think)
Wide ribbon (red I used) $3.99 for 4 yards so lots left over to do more and it was 50% off too!!

So you can see this is really a pretty inexpensive project and I did it all in under 1 1/2 hours. It would have been sooner but she uses a box from some coffee cups for Keurig which i do not own so I made a box in Silhoutte (or I should say I modified an existing box!) 


Brigit Mann said...

This came out awesome, I love it!!

Annette Allen said...

now that came out awesome.. this is such a great idea.. your daughter is going to love it..