Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Jar full of sweetness

Hi I am on Timeless Twine today showing a treat/packaging project. If your like me you are panicking just a bit right now. I mean did you think we would already be in the "zone" of Christmas already!? Now its like 3 weeks away and I am so not ready. I am a card maker but do you think I got any cards done to send to me friends? Thats a big fat NO 10-4 good buddy....I feel like such a bad bad friend, scrapper, crafter of stuff that just gets displayed or done for a project.

My new years resolution (really I never do the resolution thing but lets give it a whirl) will be to be more prepared for my friends and families birthdays and holidays, get more healthy (this one will be tough) and forget that my skin and body have broken through the levy... it couldn't hold it anymore and said your on your own sister. I feel like the conversation my skin had with my body kinda went like the voice of Scotty from Star Trek saying in that accent "Captain we don't have the power" and then its over.

Maybe it seems over dramatic or superficial to some but it has been a tough few years for me. Health wise I should have buzzards swarming me about right now I think. Menopause has taken a toll on me and definitely my sense of humor. My poor husband doesn't quite want to turn his back on me for not knowing if I am going to smash him in the head with something. Is this too much TMI for you all? But I have to find something to laugh about now.

Did you come here to look at my crafts? Well I guess I better get to the real issue for this post right!

I made these projects for Timeless Twine and it is with several of the products that are available in the store. See there is more than twine in BellaCreationz store. Check out the site and see how many fun things she has that you could make some really cute gifts for your peeps with.

This jar has the Doily & Cherry Red Twine. I used a cut file from Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbons and then on the bottom layer I wrapped twine around it also to give it some pop of color through the cut outs. The mittens are also from Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbons. I thought the wreath was perfect to place in the center of the doily.

I then used a Gable box from BellaCreationz and make a large bow-ish thing out of Olive Green Twine for the front of my box. I placed a snowflake cutout on it and then used some red stickles just in the center to give it a bit of a pop. Honestly I would have used more stickles but those darn things get clogged up every couple seconds and I got tired of fighting with it! :) I love these gable boxes, truly I do. I put some pattern paper on the front just to dress it up a bit. I also used a red tag from the store and stamped in white ink on the front. I planned on embossing it but my embossing tool (only used a handful of times) burnt up! I had smoke coming out of it! 

Thanks for taking the time to visit me!


quilt4fun2 said...

You blew up your heat gun? Not a good day. You sure have a wonderful way of are too fun to read :D Your jar turned out so cute. I really like the big fluffy large bow-ish thing. It looks awesome with the snowflake and Stickles. Very pretty. Good to know there are gable boxes and tags. Great job on your projects.
quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ well you have done it again ~ your project is just PERFECT! LOVE the details and who cares about those dang stickles it looks GORGEOUS with out them. I usually throw my across the room out of frustration! LOL! But you also did it again with your post.. I laughed, I cried from laughing! I told you before you are BEAUTIFUL! But the heat gun ~ oh we should really meet sometime.. I do that to glue guns! LOL! Luv ya friend!

Timeless Twine said...

Looove them Deb! You're projects are always amazing =)

Migdalia said...

A GORGEOUS jar!!!! Love it!!
Have a wonderful day,
♥ Crafting With Creative M ♥
♥ 2 Creative Chicks Challenge Blog ♥

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

So not ready - nor am I in the zone for Christmas .... uggh! Ask for a new heat gun for Christmas! Love the jar - twine is awesome!