Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{To My Sweet Friend}

I am on Timeless Twine blog today sharing a card I made still going with the "NEW" theme. You were to use a new technique, new product or something just new to you. Mine is sewing. I got a brand new sewing machine 2 years ago and it remained in the box until I decided to bust that baby out and try my hand at it.

I think the older I get the more dangerous I live...hee hee I know sewing is far beyond what most people think is dangerous but if you know me then you should probably know that
me + needles + thread = disaster! Yep, I don't usually attempt any more stunts with needles and thread. Once I ripped a hole in my pants down on my lower leg area and thought "what the heck I can stitch this up without removing my pants"... I mean why take the time to remove the pants? Didn't make sense to me so I proceeded to stitch my pants and was pretty darn proud of myself if I do say so myself...well what do you know those pants were now attached to my socks! Its a wonder I wasn't bleeding profusely. Of course I was hand sewing no machine was hurt in the process. Wow that would have been something to see if I attempted this with a machine right!? Can you picture that? I can.

So thus my sewing capabilities were a bit lacking you can say. That was probably 35 years or more ago so I thought maybe I was mature enough (cough cough) to attempt this sewing thing again. It was relatively painless set up cause I did me some readin' of the provided documents (this is a rare occurrence, normally I just dive right in and learn the hard way) Now the thing I must confess is that I own 1... yes heard it right spool of thread! So a shopping trip to Joann's is a necessary thing for me soon.

I have to admit I loved it and I think I may find myself being a sew-er (sewer just didn't look right) I want to spend some time with my mom she can sew anything and have her teach me a few things. I want to sew me one of those cute little scrap bags for my desk.

Ok so anywho my card I used a zig zag stitch (wow I seem so knowledgeable about this sewing thang!) and just went around the pattern paper I adhered to my kraft card base. I love polaroids so I decided to just create a little "photo" so that is what I did. I used an image from the Car Decals Cricut cartridge. Stacy told me how to make the cute flowers she did on this post and so I made another one of them for the card front. I am in love with these flowers. Again a tutorial will be happening. I used Pumpkin orange cause it was a great choice with the paper I used. It matched the orange in it perfectly!


~amy~ said...

adorable Deb! yahooooo for getting your sewing machine out!

jessica said...

Such a CUTE CUTE card Deb!!
Yippeee on the sewing!!!!!!! You did a FAB job!!!

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ this is ADORABLE!! I just LOVE that cut, with twine, the sentiment and oh my real stitching!! EEK! Plus the paper hoarder in me LOVES that paper too! BEAUITUFLLY done as always!!