Friday, February 28, 2014

Cardz TV Card Challenge-St Patricks Day

Today I am sharing a project for Cardz TV. I needed to create a St. Patrick's Day card and I was a bit lost on this one but then my trusty slider card came back into play! 

I created another slider card with a shape cut out (I know, I know can you stop with the slider cards!) I can't help myself. I love the way they look. I also cut out a few shamrocks to place here and there and used some of my Timeless Twine in Olive Green to add to my tag. I added a button and some bling on a few shamrocks. (instructions at the bottom of my post)

I am not sure my photo shows the true colors of this card as we are experiencing gloomy weather when I took it so it was a bit dark and I had to lighten a touch. It actually is pretty paper from Teresa Collins Fabrication 6x6 stack. 

I used the Simply Said Stamp Set from Cardz TV

I hope you enjoy it and maybe you will want to try and make one! Directions below. I created mine in silhouette so the sizes will show odd numbers but you can create with or without a machine. Just adjust your numbers!

Come join in on the challenge and link up your projects!! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Felt Camera bag

I am on the Timeless Twine blog today and I wanted to show a project that wasn't paper. Twine can be utilized for many other things!

I am venturing into sewing and wanted to make a cute little camera bag out of felt and using Simply White twine. My stitches really need some work. Its very hard to go through multiple layers of felt and I didn't really have the proper needle I don't think. I stabbed myself about 3-4 times trying to push the needle through the fabric and so I think my concentration took a beating!

The felling stitch I need to work on because they are SUPPOSE to be the same size and of course try to keep the distance from each other consistent but again first time here so everything is a learning process.

The blanket stitch I seem to be a lot better at. The only thing I need to work on is the tying it off properly at the end of the row. But I have to tell you its a lot of fun, its something you can do while sitting with your family and watching tv so I was happy to have a new hobby.

I have seen so many cute felt projects and want to make some of the paper clip ones for marking in my planner but those are pretty little so I am sticking to the bigger things for now.

I seen something like this on pinterest of course and so I proceeded to make a pattern for myself. I have plenty of room in the bag for a few other little things as my digital camera is pretty small so you can adjust the size accordingly. I for one wanted a bit more room anyhow. I added a ribbon wrist strap on it as well. Actually I am not sure it is large enough to go over a wrist but I really just wanted a loop to hold on too. You can adjust the length of this as well. The simply white twine just gave a nice pop against the bright colors of felt I used.

I purchased just felt squares 9 x 12 at Joann's for this project. I think sometimes imperfection makes something more perfect!

Simply White from Timeless Twine/Bella Creationz

Here is another project I used Simply White twine on below. Just throwing it on here for more inspiration for you all!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lollydoodle Slider Card

I am on today sharing a slider card made using Cricut Artiste & Philosophy cartridges. The tag below is from the Artiste Cartridge and the shape cut out of the front is from the Philosophy cartridge. The papers are from the Lollydoodle WOG.

The overall size of this card is 5.5 x 4.25. If you want to recreate you can do it several ways. My sizes I will provide will be odd if you are cutting out all of it by hand but you can modify it. It will just be a base for you to produce it. Being I was able to resize my items in Cricut Craft room I just made mine to size correctly on my 5.5 x 4.25 base. You can easily do this in cricut craft room too. I used Timeless Twine in Bubblegum pink and Olive Green for my tag.

So these are the dimension in CCR:
Base 5.5 x 4.25 (using Cricut Fonts and Basic shapes)
Tag 5.875 x 4.12 (using Cricut Artiste Cartridge) page 69
Top layer 5.77 x 4.75 and you will score .5" all around. See diagram below for additional instructions. Shape from Art Philosophy page 55

On my blog I have created a similar card and I added flowers to it SEE HERE then you can also cut flowers if not using elements from a WOG. There are flowers and leaves in both of these cartridges to achieve this same look. I just chose to utilize the stickers from the Lollydoodle WOG. They are super cute, I love owls so it was a great combo for me.

What I did to make sure the stamped tag lined up is I put the tag in and used a faint marking with pencil to mark the outer edges of the shape so that it would line up. Then you can erase those marks.

Here is the additional info:

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February special

Monday, February 24, 2014

Create Inspiration Party DIY Life planner

Create Inspiration Party: DIY Life planner

Welcome to the Create Inspiration Team's February Party!

Spring is the theme and we could use some spring weather anytime soon! I am so over the winter and snow. I can't wait to get the short and flippy flops on! I decided this month i wanted to do a planner but I also wanted it to be a mixed media style planner. So lets gets started on the steps.

First step was to print off the various papers I wanted to use and the Lori Whitlock lifeplanner pages.
You can get yours at

Now take your foam brush and spread the Glue-N-Seal on the chipboard and adhere down your cover paper.I did this to all sides of the chipboard.Let that dry for a while (I put mine under some heavy books to keep it flat).I placed the strip that has my year on the page where I wanted to place that and I figured out where my flowers were going and using the glue-n-seal again put some on the paper and I laid the pieces in place and put another layer of the glue-n-seal over it all.

Next was the scary part for me. I am very OCD and maybe too weird for trying to be so free formed and organic so to speak so this project over all was out of my comfort zone. But I love seeing everyones mixed media and art journals and I love the way everything is not perfect and just freely placed, written etc. So I challenged myself to do this project. So therefore the quote was started....and I did mess it up in placement because I got so anxious but then I thought this must be the way it should happen. Don't push yourself to be perfect or rigid in your life. I am not saying I am perfect by any means, I just mean I have a thing...about things being symmetrical,etc. That is why I struggle with layouts. Mind you this is my first time so I know it is not great but I am happy with the results as a first try at it.

So after the quote was placed on the cover where I wanted it I added some squiggle lines underneath the words, flowers etc. (I didn't want this perfect so guess what....I accomplished that!! YEAH for me...I think I will have another diet mountain dew!) Do more doodling...yeah go for it...let yourself be free!

Since you used the glue-n-seal using the Faber Castell marker gives you some time to smear it after putting it around the flowers etc. to make it "shaded" before it dries. So I used a dark brown and then also a Gray.

SO...smearing the faber castell ink around those flowers, my quote etc. did make me feel a bit panicked that I was going to mess it up but it also made me feel a bit more liberated!!! YES I can be messy.....It doesn't have to be perfect.....

Now...You will want to punch the holes for your binding. I used a cinch because that is what I have. There are various colors of binding wires you can buy to accent your book.

I love planners and I "plan"(yes I wrote that down IN my planner hee hee) to make another. I plan to add a few more pages for various other things I would "plan" for. Did you know that there are groups on facebook of just people who love to use planners and have several for various reasons. They decorate them and show off how they use them. Its a whole big thing. I am thinking I am going to join in on this new love of planners. Being the kind of person I am I think I could easily be obsessed and fit in! <3

Products used:
Echo Park Head over Heels Paper Pack #2
Echo Park Victorian Gardens paper pack
Lori Whitlock's Life Planner
Echo Park Everyday Eclectic Paper Pack #1 
Echo Park Everyday Eclectic Paper Pack #2

Supplies needed:
Printed digital papers
Chipboard (2- 8.5 x 11 you can make larger if you want but I wanted mine same as planner sheets)
Foam brush
Ranger Glue-N-Seal or similar
Faber Castell Big Brush Marker or similar
Micron markers
Various colored markers (optional)
I used my cameo for flower cuts this is optional
Cinch or binding system (you also take to your local office supply to have binded)

You will love what our team put together this month so please be sure to click on each link and prepare to be INSPIRED! 

Tammy Circeo

Deborah Crowder *YOU ARE HERE*

Designing Delicious Adventures: DIY Spring Cupcake Toppers
Candice Meyer 

Betsy Sammarco 

Julie Walker
We hope you enjoyed our February party. If you missed January's fun check out our projects HERE.See you next month for more fun and inspiring projects!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Penny the Hedgehog

As many of you know who are facebook friends of mine I am starting to sew....I don't mean just hand sew I mean sew like a big girl....with a machine and everything! This was truly something I never dreamed I of all people would want to do. It all started when I thought a sewing machine would be nice to have to sew on my paper projects. I had always seen other people stitch around their cards and loved the look of it.

So one year for Christmas my mother gave me a brand new sewing machine of my own. Months went by and then years...2 to be exact before I even unboxed it. I was very intimidated and just figured it would be one of the things I wanted to try but one I would fail at.

I took it out of the box one day and just decided it was the day to conquer my fears of this machine. I actually followed the instructions (this is a rare thing for me...I usually just jump in and try to figure it out) It was very simple to say the least! I was pleasantly surprised. There was absolutely no cussing going on in my craft room!!

My first use of the machine was on paper. Then spending time on pinterest as I always do spark another side of sewing I didn't think I would ever venture into. I really wanted to make a cute little scrap bag for my desk for when I am paper piecing and working on things. So I started looking into that and caught some weird bug in the process!

Then it was felt projects I started seeing alot of and loved them. I have one coming up for Timeless Twine that I didn't use a machine but I handstitched and am trying to also learn to do those stitches better. I made a pattern for what I wanted to make on my own! So stay tuned for that on the 26th.

So anywhooo while getting into pinning I came across this adorable hedgehog that was a pin cushion and decided I had to have it. Pattern arrived on Monday and Penny the Hedgehog was born!

Felt and fleece is a difficult thing for me to get used to sewing because it moves at times. The pieces on the hedgehog were kinda small for a beginner like myself and going around the curves but all in all its not bad for a newbie and I will accept the flaws and learn from them. I also made a puppy coat for a friend that I am also sharing in this post.

I purchased the the pattern for the hedgehog here at SHABBY FABRICS.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Candybar Envelope for a friend

I am on the blog today and I am sharing another project with the Lollydoodle workshop on the go. I really love this stamp set to pieces and the whole collection is right up my alley with the colors and of course OWLS! I haven't even done anything with them yet but they are coming! The cute sentiment is perfect for a little present for my bestie.

I even used the "I LOVE YOU" from the top of the paper it was super cute!

I used the Cricut Artiste Cartridge again and on page 33 I used the card layer to make this cute candybar envelope. I also wrapped the candybar with the pattern papers from the collection as well.

I made a cute little Rosette from the cartridge also from page 50. I cut it pretty small but it could have been smaller but then my fat little fingers would have had ALOT of trouble folding it cause I had alot of trouble as it is.

I used one of the stickers to put in the center of the Rosette and finished it off with some Bubblegum pink twine.

I am loving this little envelope and plan to make alot more of them. The hershey bar fits perfect! I don't know why but I love any kind of treat holder. I guess maybe because most of the time I am not making them for anyone its generally for a project so therefore I get the candy! :)

See how I work that?! I could really use this Artiste cartridge for just about every project. Next week I plan to bust out the Art Philosophy cartridge for you. I hope you come back for that.

Thanks for stopping by!

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February special

Friday, February 14, 2014

Cardztv Birthday Card Challenge

Today is my first project for Cardz tv. The challenge is to make a Birthday card. And honestly I needed a birthday card for my daughter so WHOOO HOOOO I actually made something that I need! YEAH ME!!

She loves owls as do I so after scouring pinterest and splitcoaststamper sites I found a card I LOVED! The card was made with dies which I don't honestly own alot of dies so I took the idea and created a file in my silhouette program. Did I tell you I love to make files...I surely did ha ha

So I won't lie I had to cut this 3 times to get it right...well not the cuts themselves right just how to put it together! I am a jump in and figure it out as you go kinda gal so I learn the hard way but you know what...I do learn!

I also made a cute little project for her that I posted yesterday so you can see it below. This owl card turned out so cute and I knew when I selected which set to use it was perfect for this project (all the stars were aligned!)

I used "FOR THE BIRDS" stamp set. You will see the set below. I also used alittle timeless twine in Raspberry pink to put on her head. Here is my card! :)

Stop over to Cardztv and join us for this challenge!

"For the Birds"

Timeless Twine Raspberry Pink

Thank you for stopping by! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I am on Timeless Twine blog today and I am excited to share this because its something I made for my daughter. Her birthday is in just a few days and since we were to make a 3D item I wanted to make it something that was actually going to be of use to me. I already made her a cute owl card cause she loves owls and you can see that card tomorrow for my cardz tv post and the other thing we have always collected was Hippo's. My daughters last name is Hipp so thus the hippo comes to play.

I thought this file was super cute and I knew that the twine would be a great accent for the strings. The file is from and I used Bubblegum pink, Pink Raspberry and Graphite Gray twine. I love the way it turned out.

She will be turning 28....dear lord does that make me feel I can remember when she was a curlie headed blonde running around. She has been on a special diet and works out all the time so I may have to replace the candy with maybe paper clips or something ha ha! She can use them on her desk! No really I will package up some trail mix or something healthy like that and hope it doesn't make me ill touching healthy stuff. She was and is such a good girl and I am so proud of her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSAY!!! <3

Here is a cute picture of her when she was a little girl. She has the prettiest blue eyes you ever seen. None of these pictures capture it but she always gets compliments on them as well as I do cause we both have an unusual color of blue (thank you Dad). She always has the prettiest smile and cutest dimples!  I miss her being young :(

Now her all grown up :( so sad I miss those years! It sure goes so fast!

Products used:
Raspberry Pink twine
Graphite Gray twine
Bubblegum Pink twine
Silhouette Cameo (of course! :)