Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Monster Ipad Case & Earbud holder

I have been a bit obsessed with the Monster files Carina Gardner created after doing my mini album with the papers she has "Monster Life". Those are super fun and great for making projects for your kids. Even though I am an adult I truly love the cutesy things that scrapbooking has brought to my life and this collection is no exception.

I did spend a lot of time on my album and I ended up sending it to a dear friend who has an adorable little guy. I think she can fill it up with loads of cute pics for him. Keeping with that same monster theme I seen Carina created the monsters in svg form and a super cute little pencil holder that was a monster. I had an idea that it would make a cute ipad cover/case.

Bringing the file into the silhouette program the only change I made was to just make a tad wider because I have the IPAD2 and not the mini and after measuring I just wanted a little more wiggle room, especially with allowing for a seam. I cut all the pieces so that I could use them as a pattern for my felt.

I love to make felt projects but let me be clear I am NOT by any means great with a sewing machine. I am a newbie with sewing. But hopefully the one thing you will get from this post is that you shouldn't be scared. I actually wanted a sewing machine to sew on my paper projects. Then I started seeing a lot of cute felt plushies and another craft was born. I had my sewing machine 2 years before I was brave and took out of the box! I was very proud of myself that I actually followed instructions and was able to get it set up pretty quickly. So step one is to not be intimidated. I know Carina is a an expert with sewing and I could let that scare me from posting on her blog a sewing project but i am hoping you all will get the courage to try it! My project is far from perfect and sewing felt (some spots 4 layers) is not easy as it seems because it moves a lot but the beauty of felt is that it is ok for it to not be perfect. You can do a lot of trimming, exposed seams are ok and is what you see alot.

So I started sewing it up and left the top open. I sewed (ok that word just doesn't look right) the divided sections on the two pencil pocket area's but sewed them at various widths for notepad and some miscellaneous items. I created a button clip with one of the printables from her paper collection.

On to the ear buds I figured the size I wanted to go with and using the monster svg file just adjusted it to the size I needed (approx 3.5" H x 2" wide). Cut it out on my silhouette and then used as a pattern again. I handstitched around two pieces with a "Blanket stitch" and I sandwiched a piece of cardboard in between them to make it stiff to use to wrap the cords around from the earbuds. The ears and yellow pieces were quite small so I used felt glue for them. I did sew a little strip on the back to feed the cord through just to help hold on to the holder better.

I hope you enjoyed this project. I loved how it turned out. I am giving this away as well to a little guy in our family. I think he will love it! Products used will be listed below.


Annette Allen said...

oh my how totally awesome.. way to be creative.. love it

jessica said...

This is so super CUTE Deb!!
What a GREAT project!

Unknown said...

This is such a fun idea!! I love it!! I would love this for me!! HAHAHAHAHAAH so much work gee wiz! I am a sewing dummy so I would have to take sewing for dummies 101!!! LOL this is super cute friend great job!! I love it!
loves-Scrappin madge

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ Oh my word your killing me here! I LVOE this whole Ipad idea!! TOTALLY ADORBS, CLEVER and any other adjective in the darn dictionary!!!