Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pockets for my Planner

Sequins Saturday!!!
Today I did a little "Pocket letter" style dohicky for my planner for Timeless Twine. I just took the ATC card protector sheets and cut them down to fit my A5 Kikki K. I used the "Oh Snap" stamp set to stamp on a few project life cards from the Inspire collection to stick with the color theme I was going for. I had to choose the right kind of card since they have to be cut down a bit. The sequins are a mix from Bella Creationz and  really are more pastel colors but I took the photo in the sun and they appear more dark vibrant colors which are not really true to the colors they are. 

I love the pocket letters and have wanted to do some of them but I am a planner lover so this was a way to mix the two. Super easy and with a fuse tool you can pretty much create any size you want if you wanted to do the pockets from scratch. Just use regular letter size pocket protectors and make your pockets any size. I dressed it up with a flair button, some cute washi tape. The washi in top left is super cute but it is tinie tiny so you can't even see it but it is gold foil and says "love" on it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sisterhood of the traveling Planner Supplies

Sitting under a palm tree soaking up the sun having a little sippy sippy doesn't mean I don't want to play with my planning supplies. Traveling and vacationing to some means letting go of all the normal routine things you do you can just relax. For me, planning and sitting down to decorate my planner is relaxing. Its very therapeutic.

Since I am retired I can be gone anywhere from one week to almost 2 months. So I am going to share some packing solutions for when you travel and want to take planner supplies with you.

Short trip packing: Cosmetic bag
For the shorter trips I purchased a cosmetic bag that my planner fits perfectly in the zippered area and it has plastic material to keep it clean. There are several compartments within the bag that are perfect for stickers, stamps, washi tape and more.

All of it folds up nicely and has a handle. I found mine at Target. My local target doesn't have a large selection like some who grab the Orla Kiely cosmetic bags but there is some nicer ones I recently found by Sonja (don't remember the last name but it is by the makeup). Thirty one would also be a good place to shop for them and get some cute fabrics.

Extended trip packing:
If I am going to be gone a long time (more than a few weeks) I like to pack a lot of planning supplies because I cannot commit to what I may want to use as my theme. I bought a great plastic storage container at Walmart that has a locking lid so it is perfect for traveling. Its not too big to lug around from place to place or take outside when I am relaxing. I can fit loads of stickers, stamps, inks and even my planner in this container. Sometimes I even put my cosmetic bag that I mentioned above in there. FYI these also fit perfectly in a Ikea expedite cube storage I have at home.

A second extended option is the Grab N Go Rack system tote from joann Fabric. I have seen the same thing in a few crafty stores. Mine is the larger one so you could easily grab the smaller one cause it would still hold a lot. This is so nice, plenty of room for my planner and many other things in the top and 3 drawers with diverted to house all my stickers, washi tape, stamps and more.

Visit me on Limelife planners!!! Here is my post

Cosmetic bags:

Walmart Storage Container: (this link is for a set of 4)

Options Grab N Go Rack System:

Friday, May 15, 2015

Pocket Letter Newbie

Today I am on Timeless Twine and I am sharing a brand new thing for me and that is pocket letters. I am super excited to start this and this is not the best but everyone is an amateur at first with anything they start. The whole pocket letter thing has blown up and I see the cutest pocket letters everywhere. (Excuse my pics I had to take late and just couldn't adjust the light shinning on them)

Its another part of scrapbooking but on a much smaller, less overwhelming procedure. Its a way to connect with people all over the world and basically you are to give little bits and pieces to them of your personality but yet of things that appeal to them. There are groups on facebook just for this, there is a whole network to sign up with people to swap pocket letters with.

Basically you pair up with someone that may have a similar taste as you and you share a little letter about yourself, each pocket houses things like stickers, twine, sequins, paperclips etc.

I am really into planners right now so my pocket letter "goodies" were centered around what a planner would love. The pages themselves or cards are something someone could re-use for a little "photo" themed pocket page or even to use on a layout or something.

I used "Oh Snap" stamp set from Bella Creationz and each pocket has various items that are found in the store also.

I used:
Bella Creationz & Timeless Twine
Lemonade twine
Raspberry Lemonade twine
Raspberry twine
Mixed Sequins
Heart Stickers
Hole Reinforcer
Oh Snap stamp set

Button Flair made by me
Printables were from Jessica Sprague

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Using Stamps with your planner

Lets talk planner stamps. I personally own ALOT of stamps. You can say that is one of the things I hoard a bit. I accumulated most of my stamps because I am a crafter. I have been making cards and other craft projects way before I became a planner. That is what I love about planers: I can combine my two loves and "craft" while planning!

There are so many options for panners with stamps out there. It is an investment but what isn't when you are a planner, crafter or both? One of the benefits to stamping is that they are re-usable. A one time investment can pay off. Stickers can get quite expensive to purchase and you can find some very cute stamps that are very functional for the task you may have to mark in your planner such as cleaning, grocery shopping and more. Most of the stamp companies have sets that are themed for the various tasks making it simple to select what best fits your life.

Some of my favorites are Mommylhey, Bella Creationz, Sweet Stamp Shop and the list goes on. Pricing can rage from $8-$18.00 per set depending on size and number of stamps included. I really am a "cutesy" kind of person so my attraction for Mommylhey was inevitable. Lhey is one of the nicest people I know. I love to support small businesses.

Now...equally important are the inks you use to stamp in your planner. I typically use Memento black ink although it does tend to shadow on the next page. That being said all the info I have found on the internet watching Youtube video after Youtube video is that VersaMagic Dew Drops chalk ink is the best for the planners.

I do plan to purchase some of these inks. As I said I love stamps but I don't have an over abundance of inks. I probably have a lot to some people but because I used them on a whole different medium than planners my inks are not the right kind. I am pretty standard when it comes to stamping images. I only like to use black. I can use colored pencils to fill in the images with some color and they stand out better with the black outline. For me, a few black inks won't be a large investment. You will also need a stamping block but since most planner stamps are pretty small you can start out with a small block or maybe a medium sized. I have a set that is graduating in sizes so I can always find the perfect one to use.

Simply take care of your stamps and you will be enjoying them for a long time to come. I do have stamp cleaner but for the most part I keep a pack of baby wipes handy to clean off the stamps and you are good to go for the next time. Now lets get to stamping!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sasse clips

You all know by now I am a bit planner obsessed. I just had to show off some items I purchased from Anna from Stickebeans on etsy! OMG I am in love with them all. I cannot wait to use them. They are little markers you can use in your coil planner and a cute dashboard that I can write on and erase. LOVE THEM! Stop over at her shop she has alot of really cute things.