Friday, May 15, 2015

Pocket Letter Newbie

Today I am on Timeless Twine and I am sharing a brand new thing for me and that is pocket letters. I am super excited to start this and this is not the best but everyone is an amateur at first with anything they start. The whole pocket letter thing has blown up and I see the cutest pocket letters everywhere. (Excuse my pics I had to take late and just couldn't adjust the light shinning on them)

Its another part of scrapbooking but on a much smaller, less overwhelming procedure. Its a way to connect with people all over the world and basically you are to give little bits and pieces to them of your personality but yet of things that appeal to them. There are groups on facebook just for this, there is a whole network to sign up with people to swap pocket letters with.

Basically you pair up with someone that may have a similar taste as you and you share a little letter about yourself, each pocket houses things like stickers, twine, sequins, paperclips etc.

I am really into planners right now so my pocket letter "goodies" were centered around what a planner would love. The pages themselves or cards are something someone could re-use for a little "photo" themed pocket page or even to use on a layout or something.

I used "Oh Snap" stamp set from Bella Creationz and each pocket has various items that are found in the store also.

I used:
Bella Creationz & Timeless Twine
Lemonade twine
Raspberry Lemonade twine
Raspberry twine
Mixed Sequins
Heart Stickers
Hole Reinforcer
Oh Snap stamp set

Button Flair made by me
Printables were from Jessica Sprague


Kim H said...

Oh Deb ~ this is just FABULOUS!! LOVE everything about it! Oh my plus the flair... you know how I feel about that right?? Well I am cheating ~ peeked around and seriously LOVE everything you create!

Karen (karey2005) said...

So super fun, my friend. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice pocket letter, this is your first, I couldn't tell, looks FAB! :)