Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pocket letter planning

Today I am sharing on and its all about ways to connect with others. 

Do you have a penpal or someone you would just like to send a little pick me up and rak (random act of kindness) goodies? Well have you heard about this new rage called “Pocket Letters”? Its a really cool way to do some scrapping with minimal scrapbooking experience needed. It is a bit on the same line as pocket life but smaller scale, personalized more for your pal. You use inexpensive ATC (artist trading cards) pocket protectors that you can find at Target, the dollar store etc. At target they can be found in the back by toys and those little collector cards but you can also find them close to the check out “impulse” items. You can cut down project life cards for the pockets, print and design your own or there are a lot of freebie sites to find them on.

The concept is to include a mini letter about yourself and each pocket has a particular item you are including with the decorated pocket. I will include what is off the pocket letter site to show you what a basic setup is. But this is something you make your own. Most have a theme that I have seen so that everything coordinates and this theme can be a particular color or particular item such as coffee, baking, pink, shabby chic etc. 

You rak your penpal with things such as cute paperclips, stickers, washi tape, wood veneers, die cuts etc. All things that a scrapbook or planner would utilize. Its a way to correspond with people all over the place and the way it folds up you can place in a #10 envelope and send off to a far away place or someone just states away. I am loving the concept because if you are like me you love to craft but time is very limited right now and you can finish these pocket letters in no time. Here is a look at how the protectors come. 

(First photo below is not my photo just grabbed it off the internet to show you the pockets)

There are several really good Facebook groups just for pocket letters. My favorite is called “Pocket Letter Pals”. Most of the groups people will post when looking for someone to swap with and there are list of ideas of what to include as goodies in each pocket. 

I decided this is a great way to utilize your planner in keeping track of when you complete one and mail it, keep all your contacts in your planner with their address etc. and utilize the note section to do a little bit of planning for them, keep track of who likes what and so when you go to make one for them its all handy. I did a little sketch in my notes section since there are plenty of note pages in my Limelife planner. That is the great thing about Limelife. They have provide you with more than just a couple contact pages, notes and everything is plentiful int he planner so I never feel like I can’t utilize them for fear of running out.

The hardest part for me since I am a newbie is knowing what theme or just look I am going with and I think anything that is new you have to learn to jump in and test the waters and not be afraid to make mistakes or have it perfect the first time. There is plenty of time to improve. I sometimes tense up so much when starting something new (like planner decorating) because I was so afraid of it not being perfect or looking bad but that is part of the process…finding your groove. Its all about the peace that comes from being creative and letting yourself go. I know with my personality that is the part I am working on. I just started drawing and I feel I am improving because I am being more open to that being imperfect makes things more perfect. I have started to accept that I cannot be the best at everything no matter how hard I try and learn to not put so much pressure on myself by comparing myself to others. Be you…love you….accept yourself.

Being that the planner world is so vast and even the crafting world and with social media we are able to connect with so many people around the world. This allows you to share a bit of yourself, share some planner or crafting goodies that they may not have access to because of the cost or availability. Show someone you are thinking of them and brighten their day. There is so much negativity in the world, so much hatred and cruelty and I for one want to see the positive in everything even though some days that is hard. This can be therapeutic for you and someone that may be going through a tough time and you made their day by sending one to them.

So give this a try, reach out to people you haven’t reached out to in a long while or someone new and show someone you are thinking of them.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pimp Your Planner

Today I am on Limelifeplanners blog!!

Planning doesn't have to be a boring job. Just as your wardrobe reflects your personality, your planner can be an extension of it as well. Most of us "planner nerds" are into decorating and making our planners pretty. It's mixing being functional with showing your creative side. Maybe you don't have time to craft or maybe you just love to pretty up your planner. I am going to share some of my favorites shops and products to pimp your planner out. Some have the added bonus of looking pretty and being an additional tool to use. 

My favorite place to shop for dashboards is Stickebeans on etsy.  Dashboards can be spunky, beautiful or silly to reflect you and your personality. It's a great place to attach a variety of sticky notes where you can have them at your fingertips or the type I am sharing here is more of a functional white board so to speak. Use a sharpie marker and make your notes so that the ink doesn't smear and easy whip it clean with an alcohol pad and it is ready to go for the next time. Sassy clips are just small clips you can use as a page marker and they have some really fun sayings to reflect your mood. Anna is super sweet and she ships fast.

Bling out your planner by adding a planner charm or planner jewelry. Crafters Retreat on etsy has some cute charms  in several varieties such as metal charms, scrabble tiles and you can even personalized with pictures.

This one is pretty near and dear to my heart as I have an etsy shop doing paperclips. Mine are paper pieced and I have a variety of them. I also have purchased some clay ones on instagram that are super cute. The button styles also can be personalized or you can get a variety of images on them. Hobby lobby and similar stores you can find some shaped paperclips as well. These are both cute and functional to hold notes etc. 

Hautepinkfluff has a variety of tassel in her shop. Loads of colors and varieties as well as pom poms! You are bound to find a pretty color to coordinate with your planner in her shop. I have several of her tassels and they are not only pretty they are super soft. 

Project life or similar cards have a variety of themes, colors etc. that you can change it up whenever you feel like it. I just recently started buying these. I do not do the pocket scrapbooking but I love to add them to my planner. I laminate mine for extra durability but you do not have too. There are also shops on etsy selling a laminated strip you can attach to pictures or these types of cards to attach them to your coiled planners.

I hope you enjoyed a look at a few accessories you can make your planner pretty. 

dashboards, clips and accessories 

Planner Tassels

Planner Charms

@ISIS_ELLA_JEWELS (find her on instagram only)

Project Life Cards (Can be purchased at Hobby Lobby, Michaels etc)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Menu planning made easy

I am sharing my post for Limelifeplanners!!!

Recently I was selected to be a part of the Creative Team for Limelifeplanners. I cannot tell you how excited I was. As anyone knows that follows my blog I have been a crafter. I always used a planner and now I am obsessed with planners and decorating them. Partly because I have gotten so busy that I get to enjoy the crafting a little bit while utilizing the tool that keeps me on track. So below you will see this is my first post with Limelife and its centered around one of my other favorite past times and that is eating! :)

I realize the mere mention of menu planning can really put a damper in your day but it doesn't have to. I am probably the odd bird here but I love to menu plan and wait for it...wait for it...I love to grocery shop! Say what!! Yes I do love to grocery shop and I even menu plan and grocery shop for my grown daughter. Just one of the many mom services I offer at no charge.

I plan at least two weeks of meals at a time and sometimes I will even do a month. Of course I have the trusty arsenal of rotating meals but I do try to throw in a new recipe here and there. I have a pinterest board full of recipes to inspire me. I am a throw this in and throw that in kinda gal and it just works. I think part of being a good cook is that I enjoy cooking (I told you I was an odd bird)

I feel with a my planner at hand menu planning can be painless. With the add on kits you can get its even more organized. One of the ways to help with time is that when I am planning I organize my shopping list based on the flow of the grocery store I am going to. Since I shop at the same store everytime this is pretty easy to do. If you didn't just organize in categories such as "deli", "Meat" etc. Utilize a cute paperclip or binder clip to attach your coupons for that shopping trip in your planner and then they will be readily available at checkout. Our store we utilize alot of digital coupons which is nice so we can clip ahead of time and then if it is a really good deal on something I will buy it for stock items or future meals.

I also browse the online sale ads for my store during my planning phase and base my menu selection according to what is on sale. While I am at the store they sometimes are running specials on family packs of chicken etc so even if I do not need these items I will purchase if the price is right and then the next few weeks of menu planning is based around what I have bought ahead. This will also help to save money in the next weeks you plan your up coming menu's. I use a food saver since it is just the two of us and buying in family packs saves alot and I can portion the way I would utilize the item.

I also used to write the meals we are having each day in my weekly views when i didn't have the nice "Menu" add on section so that you can always go back months when you need menu ideas and use them again. Having a monthly white board is a good idea so that you can transfer your meals onto the board from your planner so that your family can see what is for dinner saving you from hearing "Whats for dinner tonight"!