Sunday, May 29, 2016

Functional Planner Dividers

Functional Planner Dividers

I have not always been a "planner girl" in the sense that I am now. I have always utilized a planner both paper and digital but I never had the fever I have now for planners. I still am a newbie honestly, so I am still continuing to learn what works for me.

One thing I can share that has changed for me is that I made myself dividers for things I found myself needing to track or keep record of and that has profoundly changed my life because now I actually utilize my planner so much more than I ever did.

I have my own Etsy shop so I am constantly writing things on anything I can find on my desk so now I have a designated place to keep all that information! I also created a section for my blog and design team posts, monthly, menu planning, To do, Supplies. These are all categories that I felt I could use help organizing and keeping all things contained to one easy to use spot. Each year I find myself learning more and more about ways to keep myself organized with my shop and all the things going on in my life.

I am very OCD and I have always been an organized person even before I got into planners because it is just my personality. I arrive 10-15 minutes min early to any appointment, I ran my own company and I had a lot of balls in the air so I had to stay on top of a lot of things.

I would say I am an over achiever and pressure myself to get any and all things done that I can. I hate to say no to people so therefore my schedule gets hectic all the time but I seriously love my life being that way because it makes me feel much more alive. Yes things get stressful but I thrive on things being chaotic in a sense.

So if I had to give a new planner any advice it would be to make the planner work for you and set it up to where you will actually utilize it in the best possible way. For me I was not doing that until now. I have learned a lot from all my planner friends and I hope that by sharing tips when I can you can see how it can make things run smoother for you. Here is a pic of my planner and my dividers. Here are some photos of my dividers.

Now to share some goodies with you from Brimbles Stationary Box

I plan to use these cute little folders for pocket letters and let me tell you these washi's I am in love with the arrows!!

Anna's original artwork is always a bonus with the kits. I save all these cards to put in my planners. Such a cute pen and pretty button flairs you can make refrigerator magnets or paperclips with!

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