Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sticker Kit from Mrs Brimbles

Stickers are in the house!! Well these little fruity stickers are just the cutest. I used a lot of the stickers to start my spread. I am no where near done but I liked the Washi strips to add decoration in between my squares and this is a limelife planner so the boxes are a bit different sizes but still these fit perfectly allowing you to use another half or quarter box or decoration in the same square. I just used the fruit throughout the layout.

I actually think these cute little fruit would make some awesome washi tape Mrs Brimbles hint hint! You get four nice sheets of stickers in this kit. Plenty for multiple layouts especially if you use others to mix with it.

I love the cute little faces on the fruit and the whimsical feel of it. I am trying hard to get better at layouts but I am still not the best. Sometimes I dive in before thinking it out. I am fluid like that! I am so organized with most of my life and with doing a layout for some reason it stresses me out because I feel once I put it down I have committed to it and then I look at it and think omg I wish I would have done this or that but hey it is just a layout and I try to let this be the one part of my life that I just WING IT!

Sometimes that feels good when you are a OCD personality like I would say I am. So I would suggest to anyone that feels they are too rigid in life to let planning be the one thing you just enjoy being free at. Yes it is commitment once a sticker is down but try hard to work around it and not get too disappointed in it. We all have to get our groove and until you get your groove then accept your planning as it is and own it!

Its like Crazy Elaine in Seinfeld, she couldn't dance but it didn't stop her. Sure she looked funny doing it but she had fun doing it and that is what counts. So if you take anything away from my post let it be that. ENJOY the moment, don't compare yourself to others that you seen having perfect spreads because you are unique and you should be yourself.

Have fun planning!

I have loads of space to fill in yet but at least I am getting a good start.

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