Sunday, October 8, 2017

Adornit Memorydex project

Memorydex cards

Its been quite a while since I have actually crafted. Since diving into the planner world and having my Etsy shop I have had little time to actually craft or even want to. I wanted so badly to get back to my old self and get crafty and blog again so when I seen the opportunity to apply for being an "Adornit Girl" I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try out. I love everything they put out and did you know they also have clothing and shoes! I mean match made in heaven and if you want to see the clothing and join the vip page on Facebook I will provide links at the bottom of this post.

I received quite a bit of pretty papers that were just perfect and I know the memorydex cards are the new rage so I figured I might as well get my feet wet with a brand new project for me. I know that mine are a bit beginner but you have to start somewhere correct!? 

I create the memorydex cards in my silhouette program. Looking at a file my friend sent me I recreated because the lines were not clean. I will also give the file to anyone who would like it just contact me there is a place on my blog.

I did find some light cardboard that was in a paper pack I had to cut a base with it for sturdiness. Then I cut from my selected papers the shapes again. 

I wanted to cut some flowers from some of the more bold pattern papers to add to one of my cards. Its best to kind of plan out a theme for each card so you can figure out what you need to cut. 

I absolutely adore halloween projects so I found some items I wanted to cut to add to a card to do a halloween card as well. 

I have a button machine so I took one of the stickers and made a button out of it to coordinate with the papers and stickers I used for that card. I also made a cute halloween button as well. 

Twine was used on one to just give it some interest. I love twine and I have a lot of colors. Some little wooden elements dressed it up as well as the adornit washi tape. I used distress ink on the halloween one to just make it look grungy.. 


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